Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Busy Week

Warm weather has hit!  too warm, but what can you do?

First, I went back on Clariton (generic) yesterday and either the pollen count was way down or the medicine helped.  I didn't have a coughing fit after coming in and no wheezing either.  Hallelujah!

We have been busy working a couple of hours here and there fencing the orchard with cattle panels and I am happy to report we are done.  I am very pleased with it.  The other thing is our farm worker is working again and has almost finished the field fencing and is now hanging a new drive through gate into the orchard for us.  I had quite a battle with my farmer as to where  it would go.....I won.  It think he saw the advantages of where  I wanted it.  I will try to get a couple of picture today.

I have been working on thinning the peaches and propping up branches on my old half peach tree.

Even though the weathermen are saying we can plant tomatoes now, I am not planting my main crop.  I  have been gardening in the Ozarks too long to listen to them!  I have enough plants that I will do 5 or 6 just for fun.

I am also planting some tomato seeds directly at the end of a row like my elderly (now I am one of those!) neighbor did way back in 1971. 

So far, the blackberries and raspberries are looking promising.  No Japanese far.

I mowed part of the yard yesterday and was going to do some trimming but had a slight accident with the mower and decided I would wait for another day.  My mower is a zero turn with the two handles type and if you get it lodged just so under a tree limb or just keeps on going if you can't pull the handles back to put it in reverse.  I lodged it quite nicely under the cherry tree and rammed some ends of trimmed branches into my chin and mouth.  No permanent  damage just a cut lip and scratched up chin, but was bleeding so I quit for the day.  DH says the next mower will be the tractor type......I try to mow too close so I won't have to trim so much.....He may be right.  He also thinks I should wear a face mask like catchers do....he may be right about that too.

Here are a few pictures from the compound.  I thought it might be nice to show some long shots for a change, a sort of tour of the yard.

This is taken on the east side of the house looking north to the Humming Bird Bed and beyond.

Standing on the back porch step looking northward again toward the New Bed and Back area.

As you can see, I leave my tools handy....

Walking back to the New Bed that I am trying to reduce to just a small border of things.  Peony and iris are currently blooming with daylilies and lilies to follow.

and always the cats.

I walked on north to the garden gate and turned south and took this looking back to the house.

That clump of iris should be pink but came out white....

I will do some more touring from this point again soon.


  1. I alway look forward to your 'long view' and panoramic pics of your farm and gardens. It put so much into perspective. My gosh but you've got a lot to take care of.

    Sorry you were injured and hope you heal fast. Glad you are getting some relief from the allergies. I can only imagine your consternation (and the photo op) of you getting wound 'round your tree. teehee

  2. I'm so happy to hear you have relief from the allergies. This year it's bad for many with allergy problems, me included. OMG, you're lucky you didn't get hurt bad. I agree with your hubby and regular tractor probably would be better. I know you were trying to get close and make for less work but when you get injured it's not a good thing. The property looks amazing, I love your gardens. Try not to work to hard, take care.

  3. So glad to hear you are doing better with allergies. Sorry to hear you had a run in with tree branches.

    I LOVE your place. It's just the kind of place I can picture living in there in the country. Aaaahhhh!

    It's nice that your fencing is done. Your worker, is he the one that didn't come back for a bit, the young kid? You were so happy to have found him. Good help is hard to find.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy all that glorious beauty that surrounds you there.


    1. Yes, he and his friend are the same ones we were so thrilled with then mowing season hit and he became less interested in finishing up here. We are thankful he seems to be finishing up nicely now. His work is quite good so we are grateful for what he can and will do! Yes, finding anyone to do small projects is near impossible.

  4. Oh, Glenda, I am drooling over all the beautiful blooms...BUT, we will get there here in "the yard that isn't"..LOL!!!.:)JP

  5. I'm glad I scrolled down and made it to this post. I love your place! Thanks for the tour. I hope you are healing well from your accident and allergies. How cool that you are getting all that fencing up and the gate where you wanted it.

    I keep feeling better and stop taking the meds, except for the antibiotic, and then, the runny nose and cough come back. This is no fun! I still don't have my energy back, but plan on going to work tomorrow. I missed 3 days last week, and shouldn't miss more. I think I am feeling better than I did last week, though.