Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain at Last and doubled peaches

Well, two days have slipped away from me without posting.  The very good news is over Friday and Saturday, we got 1.5 inches of much-needed rain!  I think today is supposed to be another day of rain with possibly severe weather this afternoon.  We are hoping the severe part doesn't happen for any of us in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and western Missouri!

All I did outside yesterday was milk.

After our strange season last year of little rain and excessive early heat, I have noticed several things different in the garden.

The hesperis matronalis, aka Dame's Rocket  is much taller....of course the purples and whites have crossed which I expected but I didn't expect another foot of growth which made them taller than I wanted in their present place.  Also I never noticed fragrance on the white ones, but do this year???

Another thing is while thinning peaches I noticed a lot of doubled fruit.  I did some research and find it is caused by excessive heat the previous year when this year's fruit is forming! 

I lost more things over winter this year than ever before.....two apple trees, Little Lamb hydrangea and my  sassafras seedling tree.  Maybe too dry?

When I get near the chickens,  they come running wanting their daily greens!


  1. We have gotten over 2" of rain from last night and today, Glenda. Much needed but not in buckets!
    I love your chickens! They are gorgous. Lucky you, eggs and milk.
    Have a safe and wonderful weekend and upcoming week.

  2. Hey, we had a bunch of the double peaches also; interesting to know why they were doing that! We planted two to three year old trees three years ago and I still picked about half of the fruits off already (peaches, nectarines) and was wondering how long you strip fruit from your trees?

    1. If you mean strip by not letting them set fruit yet, stop! They are old enough. I would thin them to fruit every 4-6 inches. I don't know how large the trees are now but they should be able to support some fruit.

      I never get all mine thinned and just try to do what I can reach from the ground.

  3. Beautiful hens, no wonder they love you! Mother Nature is amazing with the roller coaster ride of weather we've had. Who knows what the summer holds for us? I'm going to take advantage of the soaked ground this morning to pull weeds! have a great week Glenda...

    1. I need to weed too, but went out for a while this morning and have coughed every since! I was hoping the rain would have helped with the allergies, but not so far.

  4. Love the chicken photo-funny to see them looking for the greens! I have never seen double peaches before-interesting info.

    We only got 3/4 inch of rain Sunday where I live in Texas County-others around us got much more. Thankful for what we got though!!

  5. Glad you got some rain. We've been a little short-changed in that department this month. Always good to see the girls. I usually make your hen pic my desktop for a day or two. *cluck cluck