Friday, April 27, 2012

A Misty Morning

This is the view at the entrance to the drive yesterday morning. 
This is looking south across the  road to the neighbor's field.  It all burnt off as soon as the sun came up but it was quite beautiful while it lasted.

We finally got our heifer (dud) off to the processor last evening.  I was very proud of DH, he hooked up the trailer and moved her back to the loading area and loaded her into the trailer all  by himself.  Usually I am out there helping.  I enjoyed the new method!  Mission accomplished.  She weighed 1235lbs and was corn fed exactly 90 days so we should be enjoying some really good beef in about 14 days.  They remarked that we had a lot invested in her and we do but think of what all that meat would cost at retail!
That is one of the reasons we moved to the country way back when.  We wanted to raise our own food....and we mostly do.

Our fencing boys didn't come.......but called and will finish today.

I took a couple of pictures of the orchard and new garden area while the mist was still on but you can see the fence (cattle panels) in the background. This cattle panel fence is the one we did.


and this is the drive-through gate they are hanging.  You enter from the paved barn lot area.

I was all set to begin trimming...........couldn't start the blasted 'easy start' thing.  Not to waste the morning entirely I finished thinning the peaches on the two young trees in the orchard and propped up two heavily laden branches on the old half peach tree in the backyard garden.

Today I hope my 'helper' can get the trimmer started for me.....if not, I will begin planting some things in the garden...or maybe get both done if  the stars are aligned properly.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the pastures, fencing and fog. I know what you mean about starting yard equipment. I can't start the darn weed wacker/edger thing a ma jig. I guess hubby got tired of me complaining, so he went out and bought a battery operated one for me. Now I just push a button, there's no straining and swearing on my part now, lol.

  2. I bought an EZ pull gas trimmer on sale last Fall from Home Depot. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Funny though. It's still in the box. Guess I'm not ready to commit to it yet. Love the pic of the mist on the meadow. Really pretty.

  3. I love your photos of the fog hanging over the pastures. Fog can be really pretty.

  4. Great capture of the misty morning! I want to start doing a better job growing food and preserving some for the winter.