Saturday, April 7, 2012

Camera is Working! The Front Ditch

 April 6, 2012

Well, we got our cool down!  It was 41° when I got up and the high will be lower 60's. 

I let the camera dry still  shows wet marks on the viewer but the picture seems to be clear.  Thank you Lord.

I stepped out on the porch (still in jammies) and snapped this test picture around 6:30 this morning.  All looks OK.

I did order a new lens is exposed if you don't use the cap and the lens is the best part of the camera.

I took  a few pictures day before  yesterday.

This the variegated money plant (lunaria variegata).

It is growing out by the chicken yard behind the trunk of an old apple tree....appreciated only by the gardener (me).  I think I will collect seeds and see if  it comes true.

The Front Ditch

This area has always been a problem, before the road work it was a string  trimmers took me well over an hour to do both sides of the drive.
 I know looking at the angle of the photo will make you dizzy but it shows the entire length of the west section from the drive.

I have decided to quit mowing it!  I have several large sections of vinca  major and minor  started and hope to keeping plugging in various spreaders that I have and let the green stuff fight it out.  I will keep saplings and dock and thistles removed.

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  1. Glenda ~ Sorry to hear about the mishap with hot coffee and your camera, but your photos look fine, so let's hope all is well.