Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Waiting with Fingers Crossed

They have promised a cold front and more chance of rain.....so we are waiting.  It is overcast but very muggy out.

I finally got the old Stihl trimmer loaded and fired up so trimmed  about an hour this morning.  I still can't get the head off the new Echo trimmer...maybe with dh's help we can get it done this afternoon. I quit too soon but wanted to save some energy to start working on my Jonathon apples.

Our local orchard had some at $19 for no. 2's. They will be fine for pies but will need to be worked up quickly.  Johnathon's are not good keepers whether l's or 2's.  I also bought 3/4 bushel of Golden Delicious at $34 per bu.  They were no. 1's but not the best.  I think the weather hurt the size. They need to ripen a few days so I laid them out in the plant trays on the back porch.  I figure what ever I can get is good.  I may drive to Marionville next week and see what they have.  I also want to buy some cider.  I like to boil it down to a syrup consistency and put in apple pies for extra flavor.

I was sad to hear the nearby orchard is selling out....or dozing down the trees.  He is ready to retire and I can't say I blame him.  His orchard is much smaller than the one at Marionville, Mo.

September 11,2012

Update on the apples:  I finished processing the Jonathon's.  I froze some sliced for pies,  just sliced with peel on and froze for fried  apples, and cooked down just one tray's worth of cores and peels and made 3 quarts of juice and 4 pints of sauce.  The Golden Delicious are not ripening very fast....I think they were picked too green.  I notice the orchard at Marionville shows October as their date for them. 

The cold front arrived.  It brought 80mph winds and l inch  of  rain.  The winds were fierce.  We just had a tree or two down on the farm and a few limbs  in the yard, but nearby lots of trees were down some causing power outages and damage.  We were very lucky on the farm.  The cooler weather is wonderful.

I will need  to mow the yard again and do more trimming.  The promise of more tomatoes failed  miserably.  I guess the blooms just dropped off.  I have had one small mess of beans and need to check the Trail of Tears this morning.

I made a new recipe  for banana bread.  This was in King  Arthur's latest catalog.  I am not a fan of plain banana bread so I thought a double chocolate one might be a tasty improvement.  It was!  It was very moist and flavorful.

Here is a link to their recipe:

Of  course, I had to make DH an apple pie:  I ate my share.


  1. That apple pie and the double chocolate banana bread look wonderful. I can almost smell them.

    80 mph winds is strong, glad you did ok there at the farm.

    Sure wish we would get some cooler weather down here.

    Hope you get some rain.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. We are still enjoying the cooler temps. I don't have to rush outside in the morning to beat the heat.

      Hope you get some cooler weather soon. I have no idea what your fall and winter are like. Shame on me.

  2. This year has been hard on all kinds of fruit and vegetables.
    The bread and pie look amazing.
    I see you had bad winds, we did too. They promised us rain but we didn't get any. Did you?

    1. Sandy we got just l inch from the last storm but had received a total of 2 inches several days earlier. We are very happy and things are greening up again.

  3. We are supposed to get cooler starting tonight? I'm not going to hold my breath, and then cooler air and some rain? As of yet, no rain, 0.
    It had gotten 100* the last few days and I am going to tell you I am quite tired of it.
    Your pie and bread look to die for.
    Our fruit vendors from the Grand Junction CO area were here very early, clear back in early August with fruit, and very pricy, I did not buy even a small box.
    Garden here is done. I have a few patio tomatoes and some hot peppers, and thats it for the very disappointing year.
    Stay cool, I'll try to send rain and cool your way.
    Have a wonderful week, Hugs

    1. I think my tomatoes are done too. The blooms are not producing anything and the winds took a serious toll on the vines. I am ready for it all to be over anyway.

      Hope you get some cooler weather soon.

  4. Glad to hear you got at least a little rain and very glad to hear the high winds didn't cause too much damage by you.

    Your apple pie is picture perfect! And I'll bet it tasted purdy darn good, too.

    The chocolate banana bread doesn't appeal to me because as a child I got sick after eating a banana split (you know, banana and chocolate syrup) and have never had another one because just thinking about those two things together makes my stomach twist! (I'm sure your bread would taste delicious but it's funny how strong some memories can be. Does that indicate a weak mind?)

  5. Oooh. That apple pie has got my mouth watering!

    1. Wish you could have been here to share it. I ended up giving a piece to the chickens. I really just enjoy pie the first two days and the the quality turns me off.

  6. As usual, everything looked yummy! I'll try that chocolate banana bread, I bet it's also very moist.

    I was wondering how much apples cost at an orchard. $34 a bushel! But that's for #1 Golden Delicious and I probably had #5 or something. Heh.

    We got only two tenths of rain out of the storm you mentioned. Had high winds, as well. At one point, the wind lifted our patio cover about an inch and set it back down. Hubs was out there smoking at the time. I heard it come back down, it echoed into the cistern. We've been enjoying the cooler temps and hope to get some rain out of what's coming Thursday. It's got to rain SOMEDAY.....

  7. I am not happy with these Golden Delicious. They still haven't ripened like they should.

    I am still hearing about wind damage from various people. They are talking rain tomorrow and Friday.......we will see. They have been wrong before. Scary about the patio cover!