Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Errands took care of the morning.

I did get the grass bed burned off. I realize I should have done it a month or so ago. I know I scorched some perennials, especially some iris. I hope it doesn't keep them from blooming but it was so easy rather than cutting them down that I plan to do it next year (earlier) too.

Chickens gave us 12 eggs yesterday and 9 today. DH talked me into making him another angel food cake yesterday and I went ahead and did the lemon sponge cake too. It now resides in the freezer. I did take two pieces to my sister in the Nursing Home.

Bought the cat a new dish for her food and water....DH was using miscellaneous things that looked a bit sorry. At first she just looked at them and then at me like what????

I put some new gift seeds of hyacinth bean vine in to soak tonight. I also made several paper towel roll disposable pots. What an easy and useful thing that is.

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