Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Indoor Day of Mending

It is very windy and overcast today and supposed to rain later. We got a light shower before we got up this morning.

I have been putting off one of my least favorite jobs.......mending. So I got out the machine and started. I did 6 pair of jeans, some his and some mine and on pair of pj bottoms, his. When I finished I told him the time had come.......I want and need a new machine. Mine is a 1970 era Kenmore. Surely they have made some improvements!

I put the flat of cabbages and onions out in the cold frame this morning and will take the snaps out after I water them.

From Gardening 2010
From Gardening 2010

Here is a picture showing the difference between a city garden and a country garden. This is my east yard....near the cellar beds.........it was too wet to put the hay in the field out back........so it is in my yard! I don't really care. DH will move it soon.
From Farm and other Miscellaneous Pictures

I have a pot of chili simmering. I am using the chili powder I ordered from American Spice Company. I have never ordered spices online, but I am thinking that is the way to go. I am sure glad I got the light blend; it seems pretty hot to me.

I will finish the David Baldacci book, First Family, this afternoon. Life is good!

I won't talk about yesterday..........it was truly a lost day............sister issues (are you listening Ilene?).


  1. I still sew on a Singer 1960 model. Do you think I need a new one? I can thread the needle without any problem because I do it by feel.

  2. Nell, I think if I had a denim or heavy duty needle it would solve my problem. The thread broke about a half dozen times. I can thread mine by feel too! Notice I said 'want' also.I just realized mine would be 1960 too........we were married in 1961 and it is the first thing we bought.

  3. Oh, yeah, Glenda! Loud and clear!

    Sounds like you had a productive day. I painted. Dining room and kitchen at the rental house and bedroom at ours.

  4. Glenda, like the new banner! Sounds like you are really organized-go girl and I hear you on the hay bales. I don't have them in the yard but close and I have to watch photo ops. What a problem!! (grin)

  5. Good morning, Glenda. I love your new header photo, too. I enjoyed doing some catching up on your posts. Your yard, bales and all appeal to me. When I was in my 20s, I thought I'd live on an acreage some day, but Larry didn't share that goal with me, and helped me realize we aren't handy enough. That water business would have sent Larry packing. He barely survived our kitchen remodel. LOL

    I used to bake all of our bread. I hope to get back into making some bread. Right now, my right arm is hurting from overusing it.

    Have a great day!