Friday, March 12, 2010

We had very strong gusts of wind night before last. It blew one of the storm windows on the cold frame 30 feet across the garden into a steel fence post. I had a lot of shattered glass and twisted aluminum frame to pick up. That's a first. I am thinking now I will cover an old wood window frame with some leftover greenhouse plastic.

DH reminded me I needed to milk this morning so I did....found where the wind had blown a sheet of plywood off the barn too. It was covering a doorway to keep the wind off the milk maid!

Back to gardening:
I know I was late doing it, but I decided to separate the cabbages and onion plants which were in the same flat (a mistake since I don't think the onions can take the cold the cabbages can). I trimmed the onion tops and put into another container and will put them back under the lights during this cold snap. The cabbages are in the milk parlor to recover from being individually potted into large six packs. I probably threw away half and still have almost 24 of them left. I will be looking for ways to store them later!

Today the plan is to plant vinca seeds and check to see what else could be started for earlier bloom.

I have one clump of daffs in bloom and a few tiny white crocus. I plan to do a camera tour of the grounds this morning and see how things are advancing.

From Gardening 2010

From Gardening 2010
From Gardening 2010

These could be time-lapsed photography, but they are three separate clumps showing the progression to full bloom. I have lots more coming.

I saw lots of perennials up through the mulch and the lilacs, redbud and dogwood are loaded with buds, no color on anything yet, including the fruit trees. I am thankful.

I did see where I can plant lots more bulbs....I have about half the front shrub border without anything planted. It is the north side but the daffodils should bloom before anything is leafed out. It is a tentative plan for fall.

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  1. Glenda, I don't have daffs in bloom yet, mine are later. I have some seeds I want to get started. In the past I have started them using Wal-Mart plastic meat trays. I wet the potting soil down good, add the seeds and cover if needed, put them in a large plastic bag with a few air holes and set them in the planter box on my front porch. They get morning sun and usually do really well. Here is a neat blog I think you would enjoy.