Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Cleanup Begins

I know we will have more freezes and frosts but I checked my journal from last year and began even earlier then so I started. Cleanup consists mostly of removing the dried tops from the year before and
pulling up all the elm tree seedlings. I did some pruning too.

The weather was perfect. I had to take my jacket off about midway through. I got the Hummingbird bed outside the kitchen finished. It never has many weeds because of the leaf mulch that blows into it.

Here it is before:
From Gardening 2010
and after:
From Gardening 2010
I also moved the birdbath to the end closest to the house. The stump it was sitting on is disintegrating badly and it was pretty lopsided.

I got the Cellar Bed done too.

Last week I did a very foolish thing. I burned off the grass bed. It works great, but I should have done it a month ago. I have probably killed a lot of iris and a few perennials. What a fire it made! If I had done it before the greenup happened, I think it would work great. Maybe cover the iris bulbs with a wet rug first.

Glad I got started. It is raining this morning so no outside work today.

Things To Do Today:

1. Make bread...almost out
2. Plant more seeds
3. Make clabber into cottage cheese
4. Read

I took a few pictures of the daffodils. I have have several that aren't even budded yet.

From Gardening 2010
From Gardening 2010
From Gardening 2010

Hope everyone has a happy, productive day.


  1. Beautiful Daffs...doesn't the clean up feel good?

  2. Daffs are such a friendly flower. They make me smile :)