Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tour of the Compound

I am going to try to do a tour of the yard and gardens (compound) with camera in hand on a regular basis, when I see changes taking place. This morning after milking was the first of the season.

This side of the house faces east and is considered the front!  No one uses the south door.

This is  the drive that divides the yard in half and goes straight back to the farm buildings and the farm.  There is also a lane down the middle of the farm that you can access all the various pastures from.
This includes from left to right:  The hummingbird bed, the new bed, the ash tree bed (behind all this is the garden proper and to the right behind, is the driveway bed and the well- house bed.
I decided to insert another picture showing a little closer the above beds:

Turning to the right or east, are the well house bed, farm sheds and grass and cellar beds,

The backside of the cellar bed has morphed into a new herb bed with garlic, hyssop, sweet william and some others that I can't remember.  Behind the grass bed near the fence and the redbud tree is the new 'hidden' garden where I planted 'Grace' smoke tree, dark red mums, three daylilies with burgundy eyes and an iris (can't remember which one).  I am not sure the chrysanthemum made it through the winter.

Enough for now.  Next I will do a walk about around the house and foundation beds and the garden fence border.  There is not much to see inside the garden yet.

I am embarrassed (not too much) that I only got two things on my list done.  DH wanted to watch the movie from Netflix, Madness of King George, so we did.

The main thing was I got the seeds planted.


  1. Good morning Glenda ~ What a wonderful little tour of your compound. Now when you say you are going to milk the cow, I can see you heading off down the lane to the barn. That would be quite a walk when it's cold and snow all around, but delightful in the spring. It's neat seeing where all your different beds are and I love the names of them. Glad you got your seeds planted. Watching a movie with your DH was better than the other things on your list. They can be done another time. :-)

    Have a great day today.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a beautiful farm place! And, you've done so much with the flower beds; my goodness, when did you have time to do all those wonderful beds?! I envy you all those barns and sheds. All I have is our attached garage which is spilling over with yard and garden stuff. I have said repeatedly over the years that "I need a barn!!" Of course, there is no way in this neighborhood. I grew up on a farm in TN and I love looking at your photos.