Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am happy to report the bread with the substitution turned out well. I have to remember it is a Hodgson Mill cookbook so, of course, they are pushing their products. I think I will continue just using oatmeal with some extra bran or wheat germ.

I squeezed in planting a flat of vinca and calendula while the oatmeal mix was cooling...I think that is what my daughter calls multi-tasking. I also have my only viable hyacinth bean seeds soaking. I will plant them tomorrow in some homemade paper pots. I still haven't found the Jiffy Pellets I bought.

The plans for tomorrow are to finish cleaning the house and then make a quick run into town for some things for the turkey dinner I am doing for our granddaughter's birthday this Saturday. She loves cranberry sauce so that is one item on the list.

Will finish this post tomorrow morning.

Morning has arrived....very cold at 5 AM, 31° but it is supposed to be warmer and sunnier today. I will check on the cold frame as soon as it is daylight. The only worry is the little pot of lettuce that was just up about 3 inches.

Another picture from the farm. I was actually checking the cows and Biscuit takes every step I take. I am yearning for green pastures again.

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  1. Glad your bread turned out good.

    Love the pictures of your cows and calves in the pasture, with Biscuit.

    Have a lovely birthday celebration with your grand-daughter Saturday. Another first day of spring baby.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady