Sunday, May 9, 2010

From Willow and other cows

This is another approach to getting breakfast!

Good morning. We had another cold night. I don't think it will be quite as cold here as predicted. They were even talking frost in some low spots....right now we are at 44°.

Monday will begin the warm-up again. We have a chance of rain every day next week. We can use it.

Just to be safe, we brought the flats of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants back inside last night.

Milk Cow

Willow calved last August 23. She was with the bull from that time for a few months but I have never seen any signs of heat or breeding. I thought we better take her to the vet for a preg check to be sure. She is right on schedule; he says she has a 7-month calf inside. So I will milk another 5 weeks or so and turn her dry for a rest. I will miss the milk!

Fruit Trees

I have thinned a little more on the two peach trees....finished.

I am still clipping some fire blighted tips off the Grimes Golden and Lodi trees. Not good.

The little plum tree that is so loaded with fruit needed more attention. It is laying on its side from a previous storm and usually looses most fruit due to late frosts. This year it is simply loaded. Each one must be pulled by hand to thin. I am trying to get them about 3-4 inches apart and left some little clusters together.

I pull a few more every time I am in that end of the garden.

Now if a wind storm or hail or a tornado doesn't happen, we should at last have some fruit!


Maybe three years ago I had to move most of my iris that were standing in water after some long heavy rains. Then we had a late frost one year after that nipped many in the this is the first year some have reappeared that I thought were lost....most not in proper settings! I was so desperate to get them all back in the ground that I began just putting them in any bare spot I could find.

This dusty rose had been out front in the ditch surrounded with oenothera speciosa, a pink native. I like the combination. I think I still have one left out there. I will relocate this with some oenothera after it finishes blooming.

From Iris

We are having DH's mother and dad out for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. I am making a chicken lasagna with white sauce for dinner with a salad using my Bibb lettuce with dried cranberries and toasted almonds...maybe some crumbles of bacon too. Dessert will be her favorite of peach cobbler. I will make the cake like topping instead of our family favorite of pie crust.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Glenda. Hope you and yours enjoy a nice comfy dinner there on the farm.

    Good news about Willow! :-D

    33F outside now. Predicted down to 32 tonight, so here it will at least 5-6 less so expect ice on the birdbath tomorrow. All my tender plants are inside the sunroom since Friday. Milder weather then (though rainy) for after Monday...

    Wow, that plum tree is loaded. Yum.

  2. Glenda, those are some really pretty iris!

    I have only thinned my peach trees one year, and that was the year the wind came along and blew all the remaining ones to the ground. So I've been afraid to thin but might do it when they start to get too heavy for the branches. My peach tree is loaded and so far has tolerated the wind. The plum tree has not been so fortunate. It was loaded to begin with and most of the plums are on the ground now. There are still some left, if nothing happens between now and then maybe I'll get enough for a batch of jam...

  3. Hi Glenda,
    I love your header photo! I remember falling in love with your place seeing photos on the Cottage Garden Forum in ivillage.

    I enjoyed reading about your cow, iris, and such. I've never grown peaches. I know about thinning some each time you get a chance, though. I do that with my lettuce, and eat the thinnings.

    I hope you had a great Mother's Day. We're getting together Friday evening because my kids had to work on Mother's Day. Our daughter is a floral arranger, and our son manages a pizza place.

    I hope we get some warm weather soon!