Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Rainy Saturday

I will start off by showing a picture I happened to take before the rains! Probably the only one I may have of the peonies. Iris and peonies are now laying on the ground after two days of heavy rain. I have had over 3-1/5 inches so far and it is raining lightly this morning.

From Gardening 2010

I have not been doing anything very productive but did read two detective novels which I enjoyed very much.

My tomato plants will be tree size by the time I can get them planted and the two vines under the lights are now beginning to twine up the light fixture! I will get the vigna caracalla into a pot this weekend which is how I will raise it. I hope I have gained enough time it will set seed this year. The other vine is purple hyacinth bean and I may just 'mud' it in sometime between rain.

The roses are starting to bloom. I have been really working on my two heirloom roses, Reines des Violette and Baronne Prevost. They have been so sorry looking for two years now that I thought they were going to die. Thanks to the Antique Rose Forum, I found that they need a more acidic soil so I am feeding them regularly to correct that and just bought some fertilizer that has iron in it for them. At last I am not ashamed to post pictures of them. They still have a way to go but are much improved.

This is Reines des Violette. I have to take shots from the side because there is not enough space between the fence and the smokehouse to take a full on frontal picture.
From Gardening 2010
and Baronne Prevost:
From Gardening 2010
and here are blooms close up:
From Gardening 2010
From Gardening 2010

and this is of Reines des Violette:
From Gardening 2010

Both are extremely fragrant.

I will come back to show others in a later post.


The other day I had five Baltimore Orioles at one time show up for the grape jelly! That set a record for us. I couldn't get them all in one picture, but I did capture the male and female at the jelly dish. (refilled the dish right after the picture)
From Birds


  1. Rain here as well Glenda. I haven't been able to work outside for a few days and I can hear the weeds growing, should be easier to pull though and we needed the rain.

    Your roses are beautiful and I can just imagine the smell. Do you put your hyacinth beans in the ground or grow them in pots before setting out? I need to look in the garage to see if I saved some seed-they are a beautiful vine and easy to grow. I have one clematis that hasn't made an appearance so may plant some beans there if I saved some seed and the mice haven't helped themselves over the winter!!

  2. Glenda your roses are lovely - such a mauve, old-fashioned color. How is your heliotrope doing? I cannot find plants hereabouts and I do miss their wonderful fragrance.

  3. OMG, what beautiful roses! I hope you try drying a couple and see how they turn out.

    Raining non-stop here, too, with more forecast practically every day for the coming week. My stuff in the raised beds will do ok. Not sure about the rest of it.

  4. Hi Glenda,
    Your peonies are loaded with what looks like huge blooms. I like the colors. Your roses are beautiful, too.

    We're getting lots of rain, too, and I have mudded a few things in.