Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have been busy the last few days so will do a quick catch up:

I got all the tomatoes that needed it re-potted and left in sunny window in barn to recover.
Carried all plants out to cold frame to harden off.
Finished cleaned the weedy end of Garage Wall bed and rear iris bed.
Thinned more on peach trees

Made bread

Took time out to order a tripod for the camera and a mattress topper hoping it will allow me to sleep on our firm mattress again.

Harvested asparagus and poke and first head of Bibb Lettuce

Went to in-laws for Saturday dinner.

OK. I am up to date.

Yesterday after milking we headed to nearby town for errands. Needed salt blocks and chicken feed. Also hit the vets (again) for meds and a shot for the dogs itching and ear infection troubles.
Returned books to the library and stopped by our small grocery for a few items.

I squeezed in a couple of hours of outside work before fixing lunch.


I dug up a bushel basket size of Hyperion Daylily from the "nursery" row in the garden. I divided it into 5 different nice sized pieces and planted two by the orange Westerland rose on the west side of the house foundation and the rest between two bushes in the shrub border out front.

I also dug up three pieces of the salvia with the large wrinkly leaves and tall spiky blooms to put around the rose. I think the blue will look good with the orange blooms.

Time out for lunch. Fried chicken,mashed potatoes, green beans and a salad. I put the rest of the legs and thighs on to simmer for later chicken and dumplings.

Rest break and then I decided to finish mowing the east and back yards and be finished with all mowing until next time. I like to take a minute to appreciate the freshly mown grass.

From Gardening 2010

I noticed the corner planting out by the new dusty road needed my attention.
The iris is an unknown I got at a local iris farm which has since closed. It was run by two senior ladies....I have always thought I would love having a small iris farm. Back to the point; I love the iris is is a dusty pinkish rose. I have planted around it clary sage which has self seeded nicely. This year the falls and standards are very wrinkly, like they have been crushed and released. I don't remember them being that way at all. I took a picture to show the texture. It doesn't seem to be damage.

From Iris

and this to show the shape of the bloom (note the white, dusty road in the background).
From Iris

They have sprawled badly...next year I must make some supports for them. They are very tall and probably an heirloom which I love.


The Orchard Orioles have returned, at least the male. I think I have also seen the female Baltimore Oriole. The porch is like a bird sanctuary. I doubt we will be able to enjoy the porch swing....at least until the viscous little wrens leave.

This is the male Orchard Oriole:
From Birds
and again. This picture is too dark, but I love that it shows his slender body and how dark he is compared to the Baltimore Oriole.
From Birds
and the female Baltimore Oriole,
From birds

The plan for today:

Finish hotwiring the new plot and hook up charger. Getting close to planting time.
Spray fruit trees. Must do.

Make Mom's dumplings with chicken for lunch/dinner (I call it lunch even though it is our large meal for the day).


  1. I also appreciate your freshly mown grass.

  2. Glenda, what is the Orchard Oriole eating? Looks a lot like a glob of grape jelly?

  3. You have been a busy lady! Love the color of the iris. tfs

  4. You have been a busy girl!

    We have a strange bird coming to our yard. I thought it looked a lot like your orchard oriole but Hubs said the beak is more hooked. It runs kind of like a road runner and is a kind of a slender bird with a long tail, about the size otherwise of a mature robin. And looks brownish from a distance. So far have not managed to have my camera out when it comes into the yard.

    What do you spray on your fruit trees this time of year? I've dormant sprayed but I didn't know there was something I could use now. I'm frankly afraid to pick off any of my peaches since I've lost so many plums to wind. Maybe when they get a little bigger I'll have more courage!

    The iris is very pretty. Could the wrinkling be from all the wind?

    Hugs to you, I always enjoy your blog.

  5. Gorgeous Iris and great shots of the Oriole!

    You mentioned my collages. I noticed on my stat counter that someone from India was downloading my pics every day. Other people download pics on occasion and I figure it is to remember some combination of plants that I had, for classroom use or just because something is (almost) purty. But every day? Others have had pic theft turn into whole blogs. The collages make them a little harder to pass off as their own with a blog name and dates and such.

    I noticed after two days of collages, the downloads from that server stopped. We'll see whether they start up again.

  6. That was a full day, productive too.

    I love the cut grass pic, dappled shade my favourite kind of shade. Can almost smell the cut grass from here!