Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Blooms

We have been missing all the serious storms but are getting lots of wind which isn't good for the flowers.

I was so busy yesterday, I decided to stay inside today. It was bread-making day anyway. I made two loaves and used the third for burger buns. DH wanted them flatter and wider; wider worked well but I think I went overboard on the flatter. He likes how they look. Taste is the same. I used our favorite honey, oatmeal whole wheat recipe.

We got the new plot hot-wired yesterday. We anxiously checked all afternoon to be sure the cows were respecting the hot wire and they were. When I went out to check this morning, fence was down and it looked like a cow or two had been inside the garden area. They hadn't bothered the newly set trees! Made some minor improvements and so far today, it is working. It takes a few days to get their respect.

I am still waiting for the part to repair my oven...and on an electrician who is supposed to come out and look at my under-counter lighting in the kitchen. I didn't put enough units in and want to improve it. Waiting for repairmen seems to be a permanent part of my life these days.

What Is Blooming Now

The first daylily of the year is blooming. Bev on her blog has one in bloom that looks exactly like mine. I have bought a few that were just labeled yellow or red at a local nursery so I have decided to call mine Saratoga Springtime.
From Gardening 2010

The roses have begun blooming. My favorite Buff Beauty is wonderful this year. My camera does not do justice to the beautiful apricot color. It is very fragrant and is planted at the corner of the foundation of the porch we sit on. I was hoping for fragrance and we got lovely wafts of it's scent this morning. I have a couple of other fragrant plants that I am moving to this area, Fragrant Lilac iris and garden heliotrope which is in bud now.

This picture shows the color better:

I had a senior moment with the foxgloves planted near the rose. Last year I had apricot colored ones, maybe Sutton's Apricot. They are biennials so you must grow new plants each year to have annual bloom; they do not self seed for me. I evidently planted digitalis purpurea seeds instead. They actually may work better because they are in bloom with the rose and last year the apricot colored ones were a little late for the rose's prime bloom.

and last the Well House Bed, a long shot which is all I will be showing because I haven't cleaned out the center of the bed and it is a jumble of weeds and dead stalks. Note how I have let the clematis fall off the trellis....bad gardening!


  1. That is a really beautiful rose-love the color! Isn't this a pretty time of year? One of my favorite seasons, fall being the other one.

  2. I like the color of the daylily, and the name you gave it. I noticed the foxgloves before seeing you did write about them. They are one of my favorite flowers. I have some that look like they will bloom in the next few weeks.