Friday, May 7, 2010

From Collages

I got a new tripod yesterday for my camera! I love far. I have it setup right by the computer which is by the window facing the 'bird' porch. I caught the Cardinal thinking about grabbing some grape jelly but he just couldn't get up his nerve; the female is much bolder. It was a little windy....he was having a bad hair day!

We had a very successful morning. I had set a goal of just getting the five new fruit trees planted.........we did. This was the first time I had dug in this new ground that DH had plowed up for me a few weeks ago. It wasn't too rocky and worked up decently. It is nice to have fruit trees in a row in an orchard setting. I can actually mow around and up and down the rows! What a treat.

I thinned on the peach tree again this morning. That seems to be an endless job except I am calling an end to it. I have been using a step ladder and I have reached as far as I dare with it. Now it will just be a matter of trying to keep up with the spraying schedule.

We are having a slight cool period for three days...after that I will begin gardening seriously....lots of plants to get in the ground...4 flats. Have yet to do pole beans, squash, cucumbers, etc........

I had a nice surprise this morning. I always scan the yard for new flowers and spotted a brown iris over in the cellar bed........I don't remember ever buying one but it must have come from a local iris farm that has been closed for two or three years now. I have not ordered any....I know. It is a beauty but in the wrong place, naturally.
From Iris

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  1. Glenda, that is a nice surprise-like the unusual color.