Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Gardening and Kitchen dryer and Flowers in Bloom

It's another beautiful day. Sunny and in the 80's.

I got outside fairly early, around 7 AM and got more gardening done.

Planted 5 rows of Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn
Hoophouse planted with my regular Kwintus pole beans
l row of Pink Eye Purple Hull peas (a first for me, but Mom always planted them)
Laid off row for okra which are soaking 24hours in water. will plant tomorrow
Laid off row for peppers will try to plant later this evening.

I am not so worried about being late with tomatoes. I found about 20 plants sprouted and blooming amidst the weeds in last year's patch. I weeded around them and will soon mulch them heavily and hope for the best. None were hybrid so should make some good tomatoes. I think I can maneuver, with DH's help, a cattle panel to tie them to....they are in a fairly straight row. This was an unexpected bit of luck for me since I am so late.

I will still plant the rest of the plants in the new patch out back. There are so many weeds sprouted in the newly plowed ground that I will just till a row at a time and plant. Still hope to get in the op corn and squash and melons back there.

The plumber/electrician was here all day, but did get everything done and we are (I am, DH could really care less except for the lights)very happy. I love how the sink looks and have a lot more lighting now. I took some pictures in the dark to show the lights.

From Kitchen
This is the southeast corner and this is the northeast corner
From Kitchen

Here is a better picture of the sink. I was afraid it might stand out way too much, but I think it doesn't nearly as much as my hated white (when scoured) sink did.

From Kitchen

and this is for Ilene. Here is the towel bar at the end of a cabinet run. I had enough space before the door to have it and the added plus was the furnace vent under so the towels stay nice and dry.

From Kitchen


This is the first of the papaver somniferums to bloom. It started out a more salmon pink but is now a gorgeous shade of soft pink.

Another clematis that I can't praise enough is Viola. Unfortunately this year the persicaria is hiding it from view until you walk on the path behind.

The surprise from yesterday was, the dryer quit working! Isn't that always the way. The minute you spend extra money for something, something else rears its ugly head...this time the dryer. It has been a faithful appliance for us. It is 8 years old and when we had the dairy, it was run three times a day most days and 7 days a week. They are bringing out a new one tomorrow late.

Keeping my fingers crossed nothing else fails.


  1. Glenda I love your kitchen. What is your sink made of? Handy towel bar at the end of the counter too. Having enough lighting is always great.

    Your gardens are full of lovelies as usual this time of year. I love seeing your life there at the farm.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. Do you make your soap the old fashioned way with lye?

  2. Oh, love the kitchen! Wish I had room for a towel bar at the end of my cabinet, but it's too close to the door, darn it. At the house in Bartlesville, I had my towel rack in almost the exact spot as you do.

    I like your sink. But I like my white sink, too. It replaced an ugly (and hated) "stainless" steel. We looked at a house not long ago that had a red sink! They said they had special ordered it at Lowe's.

    I also like how there's a window over the stove. You don't NEED a vent, you can just open the window! How cool is that?

    I sure like how the compound is looking these days. I can just see you out there puttering around. Hugs!

  3. Great looking kitchen-is your sink black? Mine is white which I like but a red one sounds neat-I have patriotic decor in my kitchen and dining area and I collect cobalt blue items so would tie right in. But, alas, mine isn't that old so don't see a new one in my future just yet.

    I love poppies and those are beautiful-so are all the other flowers-thanks for sharing. Love seeing what is happening with others.

  4. That persicaria is really nice. How long does it bloom? Looks like it gets big. I could use a nice plant like that. I don't have any white in the gardens and am thinking I really should have some for accent. Does it seed/sprout easily? I might beg you for some seeds to start... ;-D

  5. I love your whole kitchen, Glenda!

    I'm curious to see your answers to the others' questions. Your sink looks like an easy to maintain one, plus, it looks nice in the kitchen. I don't know what I was thinking, saying we could get a stainless steel sink. It doesn't make sense to me to have sink that you have to dry after each use.

    I'm into vintage kitchen towels, so I noticed your towel rack in the photo of one of the corners right away, and thought it was cool. I have some over the cupboard door ones to display some of the towels we don't use. LOL

    I love those pink poppies, too.