Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Rainy Wednesday

This is beginning to get old! It has also been unseasonably cold. We actually turned the furnace on a few minutes ago to take the chill off.

All I have done since I posted last is mow and trim. I did trim both ditches in front which I said I couldn't do since they had reworked the road....I couldn't stand the brome and fescue going to seed out there so attacked it with my trusty Stihl trimmer. That is a recommendation for Stihl! It is my old faithful tool.
I managed to get slightly unbalanced and fall toward the road with one foot burying in the muddy bottom of the ditch....but got it done.

I did some more trimming this morning and finally managed to get two Early Girl tomatoes planted. The ground is still too wet.

Mid morning we took a vet break. A cow was down and we thought she was going to said she has already calved and either had milk fever (I don't think so, no cold ears at all) or grass tetany which we have never had before. He gave her almost two bottles of a calcium phosphorous mix and she finally tried to get up. We rotated her (with the ATV and a halter) up on her chest and just left her there. Her udder is huge. No signs of bawling calf and her ear tag was so dirty
I couldn't tell which one she was. DH will keep an eye on her and one for a stray calf. Surely it will be bawling by evening. Ahhhh, life on the farm.

I take it in stride now but when we first moved out to the country every thing like this and there will be lots of them, drove me crazy.


The Buff Beauty rose out front is surviving all the rains and I think they are helping the foxgloves do well. Now nigella (self-seeded little white plant) has joined the group.
From Gardening 2010

This grouping is just to the left or west of the Buff Beauty rose and completes what I call the Dining Room Foundation Bed.

From Gardening 2010


  1. As usual, pretty pictures.

    So sorry to hear about the cow and calf. Hope it resolves well. Hugs

  2. So cool here I put stew meat on to cook early and will have stew and cornbread for lunch and leftovers, if any, for supper.

    Great pics-that rose is gorgeous as are your other flowers. My tomatoes are growing and blooming despite the rainy cool weather-go figure.

    Never a dull moment on a farm. Hope your cow/calf is ok.

  3. Hi Glenda,
    I just got caught up with your posts. I love your diary approach to blogging. I'm sorry your cow died. It sounds like you are finding ways to cope when things like that happen.

    Your blooms are looking great. I love that grouping with the clematis, foxglove, rose and such. I've only had a few nigellas come up so far. I hope they set more seeds for next year.

    We sure are having lots of rain this evening!