Saturday, February 12, 2011

Braving the stores at last- Made in USA Socks

Friday was another very cold morning, 6° when we got up.

We decided to make a grocery run since our road out front was perfectly clear. We also do not like to shop on Saturdays. The streets were all clear and the stores were definitely not crowded. DH did just part of his chores so we could get an early start, another thing we like to do.

For years we have worn Gold Toe Socks and loved them and they wore well. For several years they didn't advertise online and often the stores would be out of them. We were both needing socks....W-M's just were not lasting and I was completely dissatisfied with mine. I did another internet search for Gold Toes and found they are now listed as made in USA and 'imported'. That did it. I found a website that lists all socks made in USA and found Wigwams....added plus our local farm supply Race Brothers carried them!

Our first stop was: Race Brothers.

They did have a big selection and I bought us a bag of 7 pairs each. When we checked out, the clerk said "Oh, you will just love these socks!" Turns out she has been wearing this brand for a long time. She asked us to let her know the next time in if we like them too. I thought that was a good recommendation.

They are made in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Then on to Wal Mart for the main grocery shopping. I would rather shop our local Murfins, but we no longer get their ads and they are not online. I told the manager he was loosing a lot of business by not having ads readily available. Supposedly they are working on a website...that was over a year ago. I love the smaller store but can't afford to buy most paper and laundry products there. So when we are ready for a lot of that kind of products we hit W-M. We save $5 a box on tide alone.

We did stop by Murfins on the way home. I don't buy fresh produce from W-M's. It is usually so sorry looking in our store. Murfins produce department is just beautiful.

Here is what I noticed in the two weeks since we were shopping: Prices have gone up dramatically!

Bacon was $5.98 a pound, some on sale with Murfins points but since I have not shopped my main groceries there for some time, I hadn't accumulated enough.

Chickens, whole. ranged from $8.75 each up to almost $12 for a fryer. My poor Mom is probably rolling over in her grave at that.

Toilet paper has gone up from $6.97 to over $11 and DH swears the rolls are smaller.

As always, I think of people with a houseful of kids and having to feed them with these outrageous prices.

Supposedly everything is based on shortage of corn last year and higher cost of fuel. Trust me, ethanol was a sorry thing to happen to us. Good only for grain growers and they are making a great deal money on this one. I won't get into the economics of all this, but the above plus the world demand for grain and the value of the American dollar has caused this food price increase which couldn't have come at a worse time for American families that are living on unemployment or just not finding work at all and living on welfare, to say nothing of families living on minimum wage or low-wage jobs since so many of our better paying jobs have left the USA. This is my rant for the month.

One reason bread is so costly (learn to make it yourself!) is that many wheat farmers are now growing corn....because the price is so much better than wheat. You can't blame the farmer. When you run a business the goal is to make a profit.

Now is the best time in recent history to grow as much food as you can and to learn to cook from scratch and to eat simply. I was raised on beans and cornbread, macaroni and tomatoes and fried potatoes. It is still one of my favorite meals.

This little shopping expedition led me to two conclusions:

1. We will be growing chickens for the freezer come spring.
2. We will be converting our very large dog pen around the base of a huge old Elm
tree to a pig pen. I hope to find two feeder pigs in the spring

I will keep records on all costs and see if it will be a money saving project.
One thing I know for sure is the resulting meat will taste much better. I will have to market one pig....maybe, maybe not.

I am dragging DH into this, especially the pigs, without much enthusiasm. I plan to do the feeding so he can't complain about extra chores. He will come around...........More to follow, I hope.

Before anyone complains about how can I kill those little animals let me remind you I am a farm gal.....and it will not bother me. They won't be pets they will be food in its original state.

I finished the day by taking care of the chickens. I gave then hen scratch, no warm mash this time and fresh water. They gave me 5 eggs.

Random Flower Picture

Jacob Cline Monarda

Jacob Cline Monarda


  1. DH and I were just talking about the cost of groceries. It is a real shame, and he mentioned the farmers now growing more corn for ethenol. I don't see how families can keep food on the table either. It will definitely be 'more' beans and rice and less meat for us that's for sure. We really don't mind beans and rice at all. We buy most of our groceries from SAM's and buy veggies from the veggie market, which is much cheaper than the grocery store.

    Love your monarda.


  2. Everytime we go to the store I notice the rise in grocery prices. I don't know where it's going to stop.

    I chuckle at people who ask how you can kill the animals you raise. Where do they think the chicken, pork and beef come from?

    I hope the socks wear well for you. Grampy wears the heels out of all the socks we buy and I haven't found a good source yet.

  3. Love the post, we started out raising our own meat many years ago and I just can't conceive buying store bought meat more than the occasional thing we haven't grown. It may or may not be economical, but it is priceless to us to have the flavor and to know what is in our meat. If we didn't raise it I would barter or buy from farmers who do raise meat humanely.

  4. I bought a 6-pack of Gold Toes about a year ago (at a local discount store) and love them. Even with repeated washing they've stayed soft and thick. Alas, I haven't found any since. But I keep looking.

    Snowing to beat the band here (again!) this morning. It's quite beautiful.

    Yes, the myth of corn/ethanol will take lots of food from people and feed cars. Idiocy!!

    My take on livestock (for food) is this: ethically raise them comfortably & organically, then just 1 bad day. Honestly - isn't that what we all hope for? Hope you get 2 nice pigs, Glenda.

  5. Morning Glenda, I too was raised on beans potatoes,and vegs grown in the garden. Not sure they sell anything in the stores that can compare with the taste. As for the animal activists that's what god put them here for. Blessings jane

  6. I was raised on cornbread and beans, fried potatoes, yum.
    I will tell you that our prices here in Nebraska, particularly in my town, the meat has gone through the roof, which I cannot figure out as I am right in the middle of cattle country. The other day I had to go to the grocery to pick up a few things, I went by the meat counter and almost fell over, a small roast, arm roast to be exact was $30.00, and it was a little less that 3#. The other day on our news, it seems that we are the highest in the country for gas prices and the state government can't figure out why?
    I wish I could have meat animals but I can't so I am very careful what I buy and generally when it is on sale and then I freeze. I definetly going to get a pressure canner to can beef and chicken for meals.
    I get so mad at this ethanol as its big here, and that is where all of the grain goes, and it also sucks up our water supply to produce it.

  7. I have become a Wallmart shopper and Aldi..
    1 box of Quaker Oat Squares 10oz. box at Hy-vee $4.48
    1 box of Quaker Oat Squares 12oz. box at Wallmart-$3.38...
    One can of mushrooms at Hy-Vee 89 cents
    same can at Wallmart- 69cents..
    I have convinced my hubby that wallmart and aldi's are the answer to saving money. Aldi's has the best prices for milk,cheese products. Plus if you buy something at Aldi's and you don't like it..take the container back with the receipt and they will give you your money back.
    ORRR If you have Aldi's add and you buy it at Wallmart they will honor Aldi's price..
    It's getting rediculous the prices of Groceries. We have a family south of me that has 10 children. She cans everything and they have cows, pigs and chickens.. I have a small garden and I'm thinking of putting more things in that garden this spring.. I used to can everything and think I better get my canning jars cleaned up and buy some jar lids for them.
    I think the deer hunters were busy this year, I haven't seen a deer in a long time on my farm.
    Soo good luck with raising pigs and chickens.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now...

  8. For the longest time DH did not understand that grocery prices were going up. That's changed now that my van is snowed in on the property and he's been having to make my grocery store runs for me. I've not heard one comment since he went for TP, bread, milk, cereal and cat food and spent over $40. I swear the prices are rediculous. I think we're going to make the leap to animals this year--so far we've just had the garden and trees. Chickens seem the likely starters as we've never raised animals before and they seem the easiest to keep and have the kids help with. If food prices keep going up I'm sure we'll be adding on more animal variety. Much as I hate WM I feel I have to shop there because I can't afford anywhere else.

    Btw...your flowers are gorgeous :-) I'm so ready for spring!

  9. Glenda, you go girl! I'm trying to get the Pres to go for chickens. No luck yet. He does the shopping so he's familiar with the prices...maybe they haven't hit us yet but I know they're coming! Love the Bee Balm...:)JP

  10. Love that Monarda!

    I was just thinking about raising rabbits. Hubs is not enthusiastic about it. As far as animal activists go, they've got their hands full with the food producers. If anyone eats meat at all, they are eating animals that have lived in deplorable conditions, that have hung on hooks and heard their peers cries of pain during the kill. I don't know if I could kill a chicken or a rabbit, but if it's done fast and humanely, and they've had a good life up to then, it's better than the "pros" do it. It's not like they're going to live forever, anyway....

    Amazon has gold toe socks!

  11. I just went grocery shopping today too. Astonishing how much food has gone up. I'm attempting to buy the majority of my stuff from Sam's Club. Trader Joes is wonderful for fresh fruits/veggies/coffee. Walmart for everything else. My 2 local chain stores are easily 1.00 more for just about everything.