Monday, February 14, 2011

Ordered Onion Plants - Lunch in town - cleaned up seed inventory

42° at 3 AM this morning.

I ordered my onion plants from Dixondale Farms, 3 bunches of Candy and 2 of Super Star. Intermediate varieties work so much better for us in our area.

I will try to plant more varieties of lettuce later this afternoon after we get back from the in-laws. Well that didn't happen, we were late and I wasn't up to more work.

I did spend a couple of hours this morning sorting seed and filing the packs by when to plant and how to plant.
I also labeled each seed packet with the expiration date for viability. Now when they are expired, I will pitch them. I found several I knew were way too old so they went into the trash too.

The only thing I need to buy is sweet corn seed and popcorn seed.

We went in to the In-laws for lunch. She fixed a hamburger pie. It was a recipe I had given her way back in the '60's. I think it was from Home Ec Class. The base is hamburger, onions, cream of tomato soup, seasonings, green beans or any veggie you like. The top is mashed potatoes with an egg beaten in. All is then baked. I will be looking up my recipe and making it again for us.

I made a stop and picked up some Lime Away for the shower doors and stopped by the garden store and was shocked to see it sign on the door; nothing at all. When I got home I called their number and they have moved. We drove very close by it on our way to the closed store! I want to pick up a bale of professional seed starting mix. It should last me at least two years.

Watered the chickens and gathered 6 more eggs. I think I will give them some freedom tomorrow. Part of the chicken yard has melted.

Random Bird Picture

I hope I haven't posted this before; I was too tired to check.


  1. Glenda, when you get up at 3am, do you stay awake all day? God bless you! You are one hard worker!!...:)JP

  2. Your bit about the hamburger pie brought back a lot of Home Ec memories. I wonder if they even have classes like that anymore? I learned so many useful things.

    Have you ever posted a pic of that seed starting setup you have? 12 flats...sounds really good. It must be tall?

    Down to 19 last night - but it going up to 50 this week. It's going to get pretty messy when all this melts....

  3. Jesse had "Family Living" class. Sometimes they call the classes "Life Skills". Because the boys go too now. They didn't get as involved in sewing as we did. They learned about all the parts of a sewing machine and made aprons and pillows. But I think they cooked quite a bit. Cooking was popular with the boys since they love to eat.

    I've ordered my onions too. Love those candy onions. Don't care much for the red Candy though. They're not as big. Never tried the Superstar.

    Don't write off that old seed if it's something you're going to reorder! I'm always surprised how long seed stays viable. But I'm going through my seed stash, too, and wintersowing all the old seed. If it doesn't come up, then at least it had one last chance.

  4. I've never heard of candy onions. Wonder if they'd grow here? I'm gonna look them up and see if they're recommended for zone 5.

    I learned so many things in Home Ec. class that I still use today. Now schools don't have Home Ec. or Shop class.

    When I have old seed I put a couple in a damp paper towel in a warm place and see if they will sprout. I've had some surprises.

  5. I just saw the first sprouts from my onions and lavender that I started from seed and today we started our sweet potatoes...good luck with finding a bale of seed starter!

  6. I buy one jar of Original Orville Redenbacher's pop corn and plant a handful of it and eat the rest. It's an f 2 hybrid and comes pretty true form the first year. Have to buy a new jar every year. I've been raising it for 20 years.

  7. I have had that casserole only with corn instead of green beans-seems like some added sweet peppers too. DH isn't very fond of casseroles but may try that one again.

    I am thinking of taking all my old flower seeds, mixing them together and broadcasting them in the corner by the lilac bush-some old mulch in there- and see what comes up. Will be a surprise for sure!!

    Candy onions sound good as I like a really good sweet onion.

    Love your bird photos-all are great shots-you must have a pretty good camera.

    Enjoy the nice weather.