Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Potting Soil - Fragrant Roses - and other minutiae

Up at 4 AM to 51°.

I was going to milk this morning but DH called me from the barn to tell me “somehow” the calves were with Willow. I can't milk tomorrow; I have an appointment for my hair at 8 AM....will be milking Friday morning Lord willing.

I thought I would head out to the milk barn to begin the cleaning project while DH did his exercise, but saw that I was going to get filthy. I wanted to run in town and pick up my potting and germination soil this morning so I quit and came in and vacuumed instead.

We stopped first at Lowe's for some zip-ties. My bird-house pole has been held together with those for a few years now and suddenly last week I spotted the house and half the pole laying on the ground. I hope it is redeemable.

Next we headed across town to Hummert's for the soil. I bought a large bag of Fafard's germination mix and one of Fafard's No. 2 mix. I also bought 8 oz of Bodacious sweet corn seeds. They will have strawberry plants in by mid-March so I will just buy locally instead of paying $11 for 9.00 worth of plants. She mentioned several varieties that I am familiar with and have grown before.

I forgot to mention while checking Lowe's for soil I saw they had a few roses in already! I found the the two fragrant hybrid teas I have on my list: Mr. Lincoln and Chrysler Imperial. They also had another old fragrant floribunda, Gene Boerner. All three were No.l quality and potted. They were just $9 which is a very good price (again no shipping costs).

I won't plant them for a while yet.

Then we stopped by our local market, Murfins, and I got the Orville Redenbacher popcorn for eating. I will also use it for planting on advice of Larry who does a garden blog called Larry's Weed Free Garden. I also picked up “1 or 2” other items!

Home and we were starved so I did a very quick burger and oven fries using Yukon Golds.

Ilene on her blog, The Rock Whisperer, did a good post today on seed starting and mentioned looking up plants on Dave's Garden website. I would like to put a plug in for Missouri's Botanical Gardens site also.

Kemper Plant Finder


  1. I hope you can salvage the bird house pole. You post the most wonderful bird pictures and I'm sure you have lots of baby birds in the spring time.

    The fries and hamburger look delicious. Yukon gold are my favorite potatoes but sometimes I can't find them here.

  2. Hello! I'm from Missouri, too, and your blog title caught my eye and thought I'd stop by. Hubby and I haven't had a successful garden for years and have about given it up, but then I read blogs like yours and want to keep trying. Our soil is terrible and the drainage is even worse. Deer are big pests too, it we do get anything to grow very well. They've even eaten the rose buds! I'll become a follower and be back to see your garden! Nice to meet you, take care. ~Cheryl

  3. Oh, those fries look scrumptious!!!

    Thanks for the link to Larry's blog. I spent today reading through every post on his blog. Very inspiring!

  4. What a good deal you got on those 3 roses, Glenda. I'm sure you'll enjoy them no end. I can't grow roses, but you can. You can't grow geraniums and I'm up to my elbows in them. Guess it all evens out...! :-D

  5. I followed Cheryl, The Farmer's Daughter up there in comments here for the same reason! I am from MissouREE too, central. I will be a follower too because anyBODY that can make a cheeseburger w/ onions that looks that scrumptious is on my list to read! I am going to do a little reading now....

    Love your header!

  6. gld I almost always answer comments in my comment section but not everyBODY makes it back to read what I type out. So, I did answer back at my blog but thought I would come back and tell you that yes I really am enjoying my Fiesta Ware. It is very festive! I am happy to have met you and found your blog :)

  7. I love the yukon gold potatoes.They have a sweet nutty goodness to them that is hard to beat.Blessings jane

  8. That looks like a yummy lunch! I make oven fries sometimes. They aren't as pretty as yours. I like Orville R. popcorn, too.

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