Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rhubarb Pie and Yogurt

Yesterday was another very cool and dreary day.

I got all my ingredients together to make yogurt. This was a first time for me. The only thing I had to buy was the Dannon yogurt for a starter. I think I could have used my cultured buttermilk. There is a difference between just clabbered milk, aka buttermilk made at home and cultured buttermilk which uses a culture which I believe is the same as the Dannon yogurt....need to research that one more. I followed the directions on the following website.

I was surprised by how easy and how fast it went, not counting the 7-hour culturing period.

Here is how it looked when I removed the cover after 7 hours:

The texture isn't like the little cups you buy with fruit; it isn't smooth and silky but it is exactly like the Dannon plain I bought. I actually like the taste of mine better than Dannon. Of course we are completely in love with Willow's milk.
This photo will show the texture:

and here is how I enjoyed a dish this morning:

I made a cherry pie filling from my frozen cherries and let it cool completely. Cherries are supposed to be very good for various bone and joint disorders so here is a better way for me to get them than eating cherry pie daily!

Of course I did have a pie of pie! I made a rhubarb pie from my stash of rhubarb that my sis brings me. I have two bags left. I sure hope my rhubarb plant made it through our awful winter!

I make mine without eggs....just rhubarb, sugar and flour. It made a pretty thin pie; I need to buy a smaller pie dish.

I am giving up on my broccoli seeds was last year's seed so should have been good. I might not have put any seeds in the container? I have done that before..........will do another today. May just have to buy some plants since I am getting close on time.

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  1. I love plain yogurt. Yours looks delicious.

  2. Your yogurt looks devine. You lucky little one, you have fresh cow's milk.
    I make my own yogurt also. I have done this for about 13 yrs now, as when I had my thyroid cancer, and did the radiated iodine treatment, it did some pretty bad things to my gut and tummy, and I make yogurt with the high potency bacteria. My health food store orders it for me and I keep it in the freezer and keeps for about a year or so. I like my yogurt thick and custard like. Wonderful with fruit or preserves.
    Have a great and productive weekend.

  3. I make my own yogurt and also use the plain Dannon for starter. After mine is done setting up, I line a strainer with a coffee filter and spoon the yogurt into the filter and put the strainer (over a bowl) into the 'fridge overnight. Next morning a lot of the bitter whey has drained out and I'm left with a thicker, sweeter, "Greek yogurt" style. You can let it keep draining even longer and eventually you can end up with a stiffer cheese-like spread great for bagels.

  4. Kris, bagels! Now there is a great idea for the cup of super drained. I actually like the taste of the other better for just eating with fruit but the thicker will work better for a spread.I used cheesecloth. Like the idea of a throw-a-way much better.

    What do you do with the whey?

  5. I don't have any culinary purposes for the whey, but use it to moisten the compost pile. It adds nitrogen. I put the used filters into the pile too. Easy cleanup. LOL

  6. I love rhubarb! And I also love cherries! That yogurt you made looks outstanding, Glenda!...:)JP

  7. Yeah, what Kris said....

    Annnnnnnndddddd, I think some of those yogurt folks put gelatin in theirs to make it thicker. When you make your own, you don't mind if the consistency is a little different.

    If you strain yours, seems I remember someone saying they fed the yogurt whey to the chickens and they loved it! Also you can use the whey to start a new batch of yogurt, as there's plenty of culture in it.

    After you've made several batches, the consistency does seem to get thicker, I'm not sure if it's the culture getting better acquainted with the milk, or what.

  8. I get my yogurt to get a little thicker by adding 1/4~1/2C of dry non-fat milk. It adds solids to the mix. I've never successfully started new yogurt from whey, only previous batches of yogurt. I know ricotta can be made from whey left over from cheese made with acid, but don't think it can be made from yogurt whey. Too bad for us! If you google 'whey' you can find people adding it to lots of things.

  9. That yogurt looks tasty,and the pie looks just as good! Blessings jane

  10. That yogurt looks fantastic. I buy an 'organic' yogurt - can you believe the price they are getting for Greek yogurt??