Monday, February 21, 2011

The cool front is arriving; supposed to be in the 20's tonight.

Sunday, February 20. A nice, warm day.

I made cinnamon rolls very early in the morning....another great recipe from Joy of Cooking.

After breakfast I went out to the potting shed (backside of Milk Barn) and potted up more seeds. I think I am pretty well caught up for now.

This area is in the back of the Milk Barn It is about 30 feet long and the pit area which is actually ground level is pretty narrow. The platform where the cows stood is along the north wall. I use it for stacking potting supplies, sprayers, etc. This building has lights, running hot and cold water and best of all drains in the floors for cleanup. The overhead furnace is still in place, but I haven't used it in a long time.

I recently cleaned this side of the barn. I do plan to get three large garbage cans for storing the various soils.

This picture was taken standing near the east wall looking to the west door.

From Potting shed/milk barn
and this is the sink end. There are also hot and cold spigots on the east wall that is where I fill my buckets of potting soil and mix for potting; I use hot water.

and this fuzzy picture is the platform that I use as a shelf for supplies....I can't get far enough away to take a good long shot.

From Potting shed/milk barn

I am keeping all the seeds out there in boxes stored on the plastic shelves, but won't leave them there permanently because of the moisture.

The only negative about having this area out here is that it is quite a walk back to the lights on the back porch to carry flats once filled. I have often used the riding mower with the garden cart attached....or DH if I can rope him into it.

5 eggs yesterday.

Random Picture: Favorite Shrub

From Annabelle Bed

This is the "Annabelle Bed". The shrub is hydrangea aborescens Annabelle. This is the east side of the old chicken house. There are three clematis growing here. I love this easy-care shrub.


  1. What a beautiful composition of that hydrangea and the clematis. They really compliment each other.

    It's interesting to see all that old milking equipment there in your potting area. I'll bet it was really busy there in its heyday.

    Mmmmmm ... cinnamon rolls!

  2. I love the purple clematis. I planted some last year and am hoping they come back up this year. I think Grampy ran over them with the lawnmower the last time he mowed.

  3. Hi Glenda,
    It looks like a good space for things in that area. I smile at the thought of you moving things around on the mower.

    That hydrangea is a beauty, and I'm a clematis fan, too.

  4. I have a clematis too,but mine is a light purple. Not as pretty as the deep purple.My seeds are planted some have come up,but not all. Blessings jane