Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It was 46° at 4 AM, but dropped down to 38° by 10 AM.
A light drizzle was falling.

I decided to milk again so I could set a gallon of milk to clabber, I am getting hungry for cottage cheese. I added a cup of my buttermilk to get things started sooner.

A friend from another forum talked about making yogurt....got me thinking that I should try that too.
I may have to start milking more often.

I toured the yard to see what was happening and took a few pictures.

This is right outside the back door....can it be that I am actually going to finally get a bloom? I will be watching it closely. I bought this from the Master Gardener's sale several years ago and it just sits there! I thought they were supposed to spread....
helleborus orientalis
From plants outside late February
Several lamiums are coming back,

and the new Annabelle
lilac is budded out

The shastas, white hesperis are up about 3 inches.
,and the lavender in the cistern planter by the back door is still with us. The cats have been laying on top of it recently so I wondered if it would survive,

There are clumps here and there of daffodils.
The lamium with the daffs came from a hanging basket I had above them a couple of years ago. I don't know if it was dropped seeds or a piece of the plant.

Two things I noticed about the oak trees on the west side of the house:
The Pin Oak and the Swamp Oak do no drop their leaves....the Red Oak does.
This is the young Swamp Oak, also bought at the Master Gardener's Sale.

I didn't tour the east yard where the cellar and grass beds are.

Back inside and I put on a pot of Great Northern beans for dinner. The plan is to have them with biscuits and some greens. I also boiled 10 eggs and will make some into deviled eggs.

5 eggs again today.


  1. Hurray for you, signs of spring as things start sprouting out of their winter slumber.

    Bean soup and biscuits, plenty of eggs. Milk for buttermilk, cottage cheese and yogurt. You are blessed.

    Enjoy your day today ~ FlowerLady

  2. Supper sounds good, I'd be over if I could.

    Isn't it such a boost to the spirit to see things coming out of dormancy? Although it might be a bit early. I have things doing that, too. I just hope they don't get bitten back too bad by the cold that we will have between now and "real" spring.

    What is it about cats and laying ON things? I lost all my raspberry bushes one year because of that! Certain things, I have to lay wire squares on top of to keep the cat off! I just love lavender. Haven't been able to get it to survive winter but I keep trying.

  3. Glenda, first of all, I'm glad to see that you too get excited about all the plants coming up! Second, yes we do have Black bears in this area....:)JP

  4. I have spider wort plants up about 4inches. Later they will be loaded with dark blue blooms. I have noticed buttercups,we call them, popping out of the ground,in some of the neighbor's yards. Your plants are pretty ! Spring can't be far away. Blessings jane

  5. I've been outside walking around too, lots of daffodils up and in bud. We are far enough south that they are blooming sometimes the end of Feb. Hubby was telling me someone at work says the Farmer's Almanac predicted the big snow we just got...and it says another big one is on the way March 21st! Do you have the almanac?

  6. The only thing that I have that is showing a face is my walking onions, and my sedum. Its still very cold here, but we are starting the sessions of cold, then a few days of warm and then cold, then a snowstorm, yada yada yada...
    I can hardly wait for a little warmer air.
    Wish I was closer, I'd be over for beans.
    I was thinking of yogurt the other day, need to dig out my culturer and my pro biotics.
    Take care, have a great week.

  7. You know all your milking talk has been eating at me, don't you? LOL! I've been sneaking out and "stealing" about a pint from Bonnie's little goat every afternoon for 3 or 4 days now... thinking that by tomorrow I'll be getting up the nerve for a feta recipe.

    Temps falling here today with rain supposed to turn to snow by sometime tomorrow, and then at least two "arctic events" lined up for the next week or so. Hoping that tonight's roasted chicken yields enough leftovers for pot pies tomorrow, when comfort food will definitely be appreciated!

  8. I just found your blog today. Very interesting! I love the pictures of the budding flowers and plants...gives me spring fever for sure! Here in PA I have daffodils peeping through, and should have blooms in a few weeks...but that's about it until later.