Friday, February 25, 2011

Warning: I tried to get all my recipes labeled and have a Recipe link on my side bar. In doing so, I may have got some dates on posts wrong as I labeled and re-posted each one. Just be aware that is is still cold here and the day is February 25. I still say they should teach Blogging classes.

Thursday, February 24:

46° at 3:30 this morning.....I decided to milk. I pick my best days! All went well. I am keeping back ½ gallon to make yogurt tomorrow.

We are getting wonderful rain.....and it isn't finished. We are still short 2.22 inches for the year even with the snow melt. We can almost hear the pasture growing!

I decided to run in to the local market while DH did his exercise. All I planned to get was Dannon plain yogurt. It is one of the few yogurts that only have the culture and milk, no additives. I wanted it to seed my new yogurt. Then I can just use my own yogurt as the starter. I hit the jackpot on sales: various cheeses $1.00 off from regular (I bought Colby, Monterey jack and mozzarella, chicken breasts and legs on sale, frozen peas and a package of baby green lima beans.

The rain was coming down so hard and fast that I waded over an inch on the parking lot and it is on a slope.

We splurged on breakfast today. We had hash browns, an egg, two strips of bacon and a slice of whole wheat toast.

Lunch was warmed up turkey pot pie and wilted lettuce....dessert was 2 cookies.

Supper is just a light snack for both of us...I might even have a dish of his granola. (I did).

We got 2 inches of rain and are just delighted!

Happy Random Picture

These times are a comingPhotobucket!


  1. Tell me how you did the link for the recipes. I only have a few on my blog but would love to do it just like you. Have you noticed I am your "problem child," always asking how to do something? I waded water yesterday too, had to pick up our computer at Best Buy since they had put in a new on/off button...guess I wore it out! Of course the Heavens opened up and it poured while I was out. Looks like we have more rain coming Sunday, is it safe to say spring is here?

  2. Oh, Glenda! I went to United for sliced American cheese and came home with $67-worth of bargains. Heh.

  3. I wish we could have blogging lessons too! I love the I'm really anxious! Glenda, my "recreational Vehicle" was 3/4 truth! I never put it up for sale! He'd shoot me with one of the guns in the safe!...:)JP

  4. I love playing with my blog. I change labels, refile old posts, move posts from one blog to another, change the time/date stamp on entries to put them in right order. I resize my pics so they load fast, make pics show side by side... Blogger even lets you go right to the source code and tweak stuff. Then, when I can't figure out myself, I got to Blogger Help forum and ask others for help.

    Meanwhile I'm hunkered inside because there a BLIZZARD outside this morning. I'm tired of snow. Just plain tired.... :-(

  5. Its very cold here this morning. I am personally quite tired of this stuff, only my word for stuff is not nice. It was 4 above this morning with a wind chill of -9* below.
    I have some dwarf blueberry bushes coming along with some blackberry and rasberry canes. I am going to try to container garden these, this is one of my experiments for this year. I am mad as I cannot get the containers around to the south side to start getting them warmed up. Boy it sure better straighten up soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Yes, Spring is definitely coming! I heard birdsong (here on Long Island, New York) for the first time this morning. We get gazillions of birds throughout the winter, as we feed them, but they are silent. I think one of the boys was saying: "hey, cutie, let's build a nest together!" Ahh, yes, nice to look forward to after this awful winter.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. In some ways, I'm very organized, but not in every way. My house is VERY lived in. But I think it helps in life to have control over some things, because there are so many things that are out of your hands. I may not be able to stop the bills from coming in, but at least I can know where to find my yarn, LOL!

  7. I need blogging lessons too! That butterfly shot is amazing :)

  8. That picture is gorgeous. I can't wait until warm weather and butterflies.

    Every time I learn something new about blogger I take a nap and forget it again.

  9. I am seeing Sulphurs. They go after the hyacinths and daffodils until better nectar plants are available.

    You and I have to garden in a similar manner because we have space that has to accommodate equipment and vehicles. I plant narrow beds with wide paths because one old person cannot weed by the acre. Mowed paths make it look neater than it really is.

    When your loropetalums are as old as mine they'll be big too. I just limb them up as trees rather than have to prune so much.

    It feels like spring here but the last frost date is March 15 and the REAL last frost date is April 15. The pecan tres know; they are bare and quiet. Everybody else is gettin' ready!