Saturday, September 3, 2011

My kudzu - Plants good for hot and dry weather

When I took the trash out this morning I looked across the road at the front ditch.....this is my kudzu! Grandpa Otts and a blue morning glory run amok! This is why I never plant them anymore. I did this deliberately in the ditch and I hope it runs willy nilly along it.

Did you ever see anything so lush....ditch with no additional anything.

And this is why I never plant a morning glory anywhere on the farm anymore.

I planted my leftover lavender vinca by the back porch door. Then some of my favorite petunias came up beside it. I love the colors together. There is also a self-seeded Jewel of Opar on the left. This is where I planted lettuce seeds a week or so ago. The only one that came up was the old standby Black Seeded Simpson.

I wish more of the darkest petunias had been open this morning. They are the ones that look so good with the lavender color of the vinca.

These three annuals are very good ones for hot and dry weather. I grow the vinca from seeds and the others reseed them selves annually so, in essence, are considered perennials by me. I wouldn't be without either.

I originally wrote this August is still hot and dry but is supposed to be out last really hot day for a while. I hope it is true. Still no rain.

Note: I knew this would happen. The country road crew came by and mowed right up to the mailbox! Oh well.................


  1. Good Morning! Wow your Morning Glories really took off in the ditch...I like how it looks. Too bad they came and mowed the ditch though...oh well I bet they come back next year. I planted some when we lived in the city and we had just planted a perennial garden with trellises. I just wanted to hide the bare trellis until the roses and clematis grew up but holy cow that stuff took over everywhere! I was pulling out Morning Glories for what seemed like forever out of there once the other plants matured. I thought of planting some along one of our fences but it's southwest of the garden so I'm thinking I'd be asking for trouble down the road if I did. Your Vinca looks the color. This was sure a bad year for a lot of gardeners all over the States...sure hope next year is better for all of us. Hey enjoy the cool weather that's on it's way...our high today is to be 95 with a 40% chance of storms but 78 tomorrow...sunny with a low of 50...WOOOHOOO can't wait!
    Maura :)

  2. Wow. Talk about hardy plants! The Kudzu is like water hyacinth....beautiful but aggressive. Vincas are excellent plants. Love sun and heat!! They do well in Tucson during our summers.

  3. Your morning glories go crazy and mine don't even come up. lol Your petunias look really pretty with the rosemary. I like hte colors together too.

  4. I am the same way on the morning glories. Planted some around the basketball goal one year and have been pulling out volunteers ever since then. I think they are pretty if they would just stay in place! My mother always had volunteer petunias-so pretty! For hot and dry-vincas and marigolds- can't be beat in my experience.

  5. I don't plant on the Right of Way for that very reason. They do not touch the wilderness of kerria past the south driveway. I suspect the county knows the kerria is holding the soil and if they do away with it they'll have to bring in fill.

    Vinca will reseed. You just have to stir the soil to bring them up to the light so they can germinate when the weather gets really, really hot. The reseeders are less prone to disease.

  6. I am paying close attention this year to what makes it in this heat. The crepe myrtles and vinca made it despite oven temperatures!