Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinto Beans - Apple cores and Peels - nectar for Bees

Another perfect fall day but I am inside.  The kitchen is a 'beehive' of activity (pun intended)!
  Ever since Sharon told me about feeding the honeybees nectar this time of year and after a very bad summer, I have been in a frenzy putting out containers.....4 up to this point.  Now my back door has become a danger zone!  I must move them away from the house tonight after the sun goes down.  I also upped the nectar to a 1:1 ration.  I hope I have understood the bee sites about that.

I also belatedly have started processing the Jonathon apples.  I have them spread out in standard plant flats in my light stand on the back porch.  I have done one and have three more to go.  I can't stand much longer or my sacroiliac begin complaining loudly.  I hope to do another in the afternoon.

I also put the peelings and cores from this mornings apples plus a bag from the freezer in my maslin pan along with maybe a quart of cider to get them started.  I also added some water.  I will strain and maybe press then for juice for apple jelly.

Since I have to be inside, I added a pot of pintos to the mix.  I am happiest when I get way too many irons in the fire...
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The foil package in front of the oven is a loaf of whole wheat bread thawing for lunch.


  1. You definately have too many irons in the fire, but if anyone can do it you can! These cool days have revived me too, lots of plans in the works! Have a good week Glenda...

  2. Glenda ~ I'm in the cooking, baking mood today. It's partly cloudy and not as hot but I just don't feel like working outside. I cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes, now want to get dough going in the machine to make calzone filled with ham, broccoli and ricotta cheese. I want to make a chicken/sausage pot pie once the chicken thaws, I'd like to cook up some pinto beans too. Also make stuffed shells.

    I plan to make banana bread and a ricotta pound cake.

    I have collard green to cook up for the first time in my life, will see how we like them. We do like kale now that I've fixed that, so hopefully this will be good too. Bought some smoked sausage to cook up with them like the recipe on the back of collards says.

    I'll be working the next 4 days at my job, that's why I'm trying to get things done today.

    Can you freeze cooked pinto beans and what about collards?

    Your apple jelly looks wonderful.

    Hope you have a great day. I better get up and get going in the kitchen.


  3. Too many irons in the fire or too many pots on the stove? :)

    Speaking of pots, that is one awesome looking pot (the huge lidded one with the handle), what is that called?

  4. What a great picture of both of your new stove and countertop oven. I can see why you enjoy working in your kitchen as much as you do. I read your latest post and wondered where the apple peelings came from. I must have missed this post. I'm sure the honeybees appreciate your efforts. They are never a bother to me. It's the $#*# yellow jackets that can be so aggressive. Be careful. We don't want you to get stung again!

  5. Those beans sound delicious. Beans and cornbread is one of my favorite meals.

  6. Maybe the new neighbor should have come this day. LOL

  7. Have you canned Pinto beans??? I do and they are wonderful! And CHEAP.