Friday, September 2, 2011

Hot Days

We have had some very hot days this week and today and tomorrow are supposed to be the same, near or past l00°. I have practically been housebound for the last three of them.....only going out in the early morning to either milk or take care of the calves and Willow.

I milked yesterday morning and once again, she was slow to let down her milk but I persevered! I think it was already 80° by the time I went out. Even our nights are not cooling down. Still no rain here.

I did nothing significant in the house.

I am posting some random picture taken by our 16-year old granddaughter on her last visit. She loves taking pictures and has a real talent for it.

Everywhere you look outside, you can find a cat!

or part of one,
or the dog. He follows the grands every step they take,

Note: she is wearing my new Muck boots!


  1. Great shots by your grand-daughter.

    Hope you get some cooler weather and some rain soon.


  2. She's got a future in this if she wants it! Love the muck boots, my girls called mine "snake boots!"

  3. I think you have a budding photographer there! Great shots! I'm beginning to think we'll have hot temps right up until late fall and then it'll just turn off cold. I'm SO ready for mild temperatures! Have a good weekend.

  4. Those are great pictures. We're having high temps also, in the high 90s every day and supposed to be 100 today. I won't be sorry when the weather cools off.

  5. I'm not sure where you are in the Ozarks, but our weatherman has forecasted Monday morning to begin in the upper 40's!!

    Glad to find your blog, I love reading fellow Ozarker's stuff!