Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Used Buy - Bees

When we were at the local hardware store getting supplies for cutting off the doors (new carpet), I "suggested" we stop in the used furniture store next door. It was mostly very unimpressive stuff but this caught my eye.

It is solid cedar and has wooden rollers, the top shelf is missing, but I will use it for extra blanket and bedding storage so that is good.

I plan to use  Formby's refinisher to clean it up and will post a picture when I have finished.  I will re-sand the interior to bring the cedar scent back to life.

So, back to the store for the refinisher and some Tung Oil.

The bees are swarming the feeders again.  I need to spray it with Pam and see if that works.


  1. I've never seen bees on the hummingbird feeders like that. The Pam tip is interesting and good to know. What a beautiful trunk.

  2. That is a beautiful cedar chest! I'm a sucker for those things, especially "unwanted" ones.

    I'm a bit jealous of your honey bees swarming the hummer's feeder; we've only had yellow jackets on the feeders when the hummingbirds aren't there.

  3. Great bee picture!

    The bees are already in survival mode and are desperate for nectar. Most Ozark beekeepers are already feeding their hives sugar water. Your photo depicts the state of the bees this year. It would be great if you didn't discourage them and provided them with an open saucer of sugar water, something that makes it easier for them to get to and they may leave your feeder alone. If you want these bees to make it through the winter to pollinate your garden next them out as much as possible. The bee numbers have been hurt badly this year, we even lost an entire hive due to the drought.

    LOVE the chest BTW, please fill me in as to which Ozark furniture store!

  4. What a great find-cedar is such pretty wood.

    Now that is lots of bees. Haven't noticed any here as yet. Sharon's post was interesting-never thought about how the drought affects bees.

  5. What great advice from Sharon!

    The trunk is beautiful and I love the hardware. makes me miss my "sticks and bricks" home...and the decorating of it.

  6. Holy cow!!! You sure do have bees. Have fun refurbishing that chest. It has a lot of character and I love fixing up old furniture. We saw a lot of this in Panama this past summer. Crazy stuff.

  7. I never heard of spraying the feeders with Pam...let me know if it does the trick. Your new cedar chest is gorgeous!!...:)JP

  8. Well,the Pam worked for maybe 30 minutes!
    It does work for the wasps though.

    I was torn about wanting to keep them away and wanting to feed the last of the hummers. I followed Sharon's advice and mixed up some nectar and filled a colorful saucer and placed it outside on top of the trash can. It wasn't too long before some bees found it. I plan to keep feeding them until they quit coming around.
    I also saw some on the sedum and caryopteris.

    I agree we need to do everything possible to help the honeybee population.

  9. Rohrbot, I have a dear friend who retired to Panama a few years ago. She was just in for a brief visit.