Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inside and Outside

We missed a good opportunity for rain yesterday morning; the breeze got up and it was pretty dark south...alas, it missed us again.


I just puttered yesterday. I re-varnished the trim above the sink where the water splashes. I used the new miracle re-finisher recommended by the cabinet maker (a local shop). It is called Good Stuff and it is. It is in jelly form and you apply with a soft cloth. I put on two coats, buffing between both. We also refinished DH's step dad's old cane. He did the sanding, I put on two coats of Good Stuff. While I was on a run, I put another coat on the top of the kitchen table. I scrub this so often, the finish begins to wash away.


I walked out into the kitchen garden, the first time in a few days, and was delighted to find a cherry-type self-seeded tomato hanging full of ripe ones. I had given up on any more tomatoes this year. I remembered when it first began ripening I practically ignored the lowly thing waiting for a 'real' tomato. Funny how time changes things (words to a song?). They are very sweet this time of year and taste wonderful. I picked a small bowl full and now will be watching it closely.

I see some green tomatoes on the regular vines, but I doubt they will have time to ripen.

I need to plant some garlic this week. I hope to do it after a rain...


  1. Your table is beautiful. My mom used to pick the green tomatoes at the end of the season and wrap them in newspaper. She'd stick them in a dark room and check them occasionally. Sometimes we'd have fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving.

  2. My tomatoes are done..missing them already!

    Your table is gorgeous. Love the warmth and light.

  3. This "Just missing the rain" thing is driving me INSANE!!! We had some thunder & lightning, but not a DROP!

  4. Good Stuff, I am on the search for some next trip to town! I sauteed some tiny toms last night and they were delish! Love your kitchen table, says Home Sweet Home...

  5. Will have to keep the 'Good Stuff' in mind for when we need something like that.

    Your table turned out great.

    Look at all those yummy tomatoes.

    Hope you get some rain soon.


  6. Love the look of your table top! I'll have to get some Good Stuff. Where do you find it? And thanks for the tip!

    Hope you get some rain today. We had a little bit this morning and it has definitely cooled off!