Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doors - More Rain - a new plant

The morning started out cool and misty and it then turned into a light rain that dropped 1/4 inch more here. Very nice.

The sun is out now but it is still very cool.

Yesterday I checked out the garden center at Lowes looking for a small tree to plant in the stump luck there but they did have the most indcredibly blue caryopteris and was simply covered with flying things. I couldn't resist. It is called First Choice and is a much deeper more vibrant blue than the one I used to have.

Can you see the bees and something that looks like a lightening bug but isn't?

I am putting it just to the front and left of the pink rose Aloha by the back door.

We got the three doors shortened so they won't hit the new carpet and now I have to stain and varnish. What I really want to do is to replace them! They are hollow-core doors and really not very attractive.

More Good News! You know our last handyman and helper turned out to be not so dependable....well, we were shopping in our local Ace Hardware which is a small store and lumberyard in a very small town. DH told them what we really needed was someone to hang some new doors. The owner spoke up and said, see that tall man standing behind you? He's the man for the job. Turns out he is a carpenter, jack-of-all-trades. I asked for a card and saw it stated finish carpenter, architectural specialties....I told him my humble work might not be anything he would be interested in, but he said no, he did everything. He is booked up to January. He did say if he couldn't do something he would know someone who could.
The owner's son told us privately that this man had done all the finish work on his home. I am hopeful once again. We would really like to get the Milk Parlor painted before winter. It is really an eyesore right now.

Then I want the porch or porches enclosed; DH wants a different door on the back porch, I need shelving on the back porch for canned goods and odd utensils.
I want a 4-ft wide walk from the door straight out to the drive that would lead people right to the door we use as the front door instead of the back porch. Oh I forgot, I want a new entrance door....and the list does one.

But I can wait on the house things, the milk parlor has first priority for me now.

I bought another small a used furniture store next to the hardware...
more later about that.


  1. That's a beautiful blue flower, Glenda. Hope you get your projects done. I'm still waiting on the main project to get started. Hopefully the man will show up before winter. Will be back to see what you bought!

  2. We replaced all our interior doors at The Ponca House. Bought unfinished solid paneled doors at a builder's surplus near Coffeyville. Once finished and up, they really made a difference. Our doors were hollow core, and the previous owners had taken some off the bottom of each and tore the veneer. On one of the teenager's rooms, the kid had grafitti'd all over his door.

    Now we're back to hollow core doors in this house, a couple have dog-chewing damage at the bottom. Not sure we'll go to the work and expense to replace them. There are so many doors here, and I need other things worse! I still want to tear out a lot of this carpet and put in either tile or wood. We are too messy to have carpet.

  3. I was tempted by the exact same type of caryopteris at our Lowes, but ended up buying more evergreen shrubbery instead. I must say your plant is way more lush than the ones I saw at the store.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the carpenter. I know how disappointed you were with the last one.

    Looking forward to seeing what you got at the furniture store!

  4. I need to make a trip to Lowes, I'll consult our deer and see it it looks good to them! So many changes to the house, are you trying to outdo the new Chateau Pensmore going up at Highlandsville???

  5. Sorry to "do" this to you, but I gave you a blogosphere award:

    Don't worry, you don't have to "do" the award thing, but I did want to show other bloggers your beautiful site!

    Carolyn Renee

  6. Gorgeous flower! I think it will be fantastic next to Aloha.

  7. Beautiful color of blue-should look great with the rose.

    Lovely weather-DH is cutting fall hay today-not real heavy but will give us a few more bales.

    Enjoy this wonderful weather!