Monday, September 26, 2011


We got a little shower during the early morning.  We sleep with the bedroom window partially open and there is a metal awning over it.  We love to listen to rain hitting it.  It reminds me of sleeping upstairs at Grandma's.  There was no insulation or attic over the bedrooms upstairs and you could hear the rain hitting the roof.  I love that sound.
Tonight is supposed to be down to 43°.  Fall is truly here.

Right after breakfast, scrambled eggs and toast and (for me only) salsa, I got my vanilla project going.  I have wanted to do this for a long time but finally ordered the vanilla beans and bought the vodka.  It is so simple.

All you need is:

1 750 ml bottle of good vodka
12-15 vanilla beans (I ordered mine through Amazon)

 You slice through the beans with either a knife or kitchen scissors up to within 1 inch of stem end.  Drop into the bottle, put on lid.  Simple wasn't it?  I will shake it a couple of times a day for a week or so and then store in the cabinet for a couple of months.  You can even replace the used vanilla with either more vodka or rum for a while.  I think rum would add another flavor.

and here is the bottle with all the beans added,

I have enough beans left for more vanilla.  I probably should just buy more vodka and get it started.  I know the beans have to be stored in a particular way, not frozen.  I tried to keep some once and they completely dried out. They are expensive so I don't want to loose any!

The vanilla is already getting a darker color and smells like vanilla.

It is now the next morning, September 26, the weatherman was right.  It will be 43° by sunrise.


  1. Even if your vanilla beans dry out, you can still use them. If they're too dry to cut down the side, just chop them in little pieces.

    I have made vanilla with vodka before, but I got started making it in brandy and I much prefer it. I had never heard of using rum, but, like you said, I think the rum flavoring is strong enough on it's own. I get the highest proof they have, some people say use only 100 proof but I've seen others do it with proofs as low as 80, so I don't know...

    To really absorb the flavor from the vanilla beans, it needs to be stored a couple of months. Then you can take the beans out, if you want to, let it dry and then put it in a container of sugar and make "vanilla sugar". I prefer to leave the beans in the bottle. I like how it looks. Oh, and I don't use that many beans, either. Maybe two or three to a bottle. You will end up with a stronger vanilla flavor than I do.

  2. Oh Glenda ~ Thanks for posting this recipe along with the great pictures. I bet this will be so good. Will it keep indefinitely? Let us know when you find out how to store the beans.

    43, that's down right cold to this barefoot girl.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Yes, thank you for the recipe! Another thing I've been meaning to do, but never got around to doing. Thanks for the some online shopping to do now.

  4. This was not 100 proof and none of the other vodkas were either. I wondered about that, but I noticed my 'real vanilla' bottle just said 35% alcohol. I know so little about liquors of any sort....will check out the brandy. I did chop up my two dried out beans....after I found them this morning!
    I think it would keep indefinitely if kept in a cool, dark place....or just make it using a smaller bottle of liquor. I seem to run out of vanilla often so this will be nice to have on hand.

  5. I love that sound too. My parents' house has a tin-type roof over the deck off the kitchen, and it's so nice to fall asleep listening to the rain hitting it. :)

  6. I love to nap or sleep listening to the rain and a bit of thunder. Not a big storm, just a little thunder. Rain was loud hitting the roof of the trailer that my hubby and I started married life in 40 years ago. I think 43 is downright chilly, I prefer it to be a bit warmer! I love fall but not cold temps!

    Have a great day!

  7. Glenda, if I had only known that you knew how to make this!!!! I ordered a small kit last year which came with a bottle & the beans. It does make awesome vanilla!!!...:)JP

  8. I miss sleeping at my grandma's house too. In one of her older houses, she had this room that was just a sleeping loft surrounded by windows on all three sides and these pretty stairs that just went to that one room. I'll always have a vivid memory of that room. My grandma lived to be 106, which I think is pretty impressive. Love the vanilla.

  9. we did this one time - it was really good - but i remember that we had to strain ours after it had sat for several months - there were little bits and crumbles that settled to the bottom - don't shake it.

    we tried the vanilla sugar too - that was interesting and turned out very good.

  10. So, it was actually vanilla you made? Very ambitious!