Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back At Last - Lots of Rain and other odds and ends

We have been getting wonderful rains at last.  First 1/2 inch and then 2.5 inches and counting with  this last system.  We are so grateful. Pastures should grow here until the ground freezes hard and stays that way.  The cows will be happy!

I have been missing from Blogland for a while now.  My FIL passed away last Wednesday and we have been busy with family, services and all that entails.  His death was a blessing; he was completely helpless and semi-conscious the last few days.  Funerals are usually an anathema to me and I was delighted that we had what I imagine an Irish Wake to be only minus the whiskey and food!  The minister had asked for remembrances from all of us and when a story peaked his interest he would ask for more details.  One involved  Jack letting a new car back into the lake while my very young son was holding the boat by a rope....Jack was afraid the boat would pull Steve into the water so he jumped out to save him, not setting the brake....Steve saw the car backing into the water and yelled at him.....he jumped back in but not before telling Steve to let go the boat.  He set the brake and was now sitting in water up to his waist.  Steve ran to get help and they were winched out of the lake.  He then parked the car  and they fished the rest of the day!  The audience was laughing before the story was finished.  Lots of wonderful memories were shared.

It was the first time I felt better after a funeral than before  The vocalist sang some wonderful old hymns and asked the guest to sing along and many did.  I looked back over the small crowd and realized most were in their 70's and way beyond.  It was mostly their church friends.  Jack would have loved it.

Sylvia is doing quite well as I knew she would.  She has no regrets and planned the funeral like she knew he would want.  Max asked for a military funeral for him.  He served in the Navy during WWII.  It was very impressive!

We all feel now that life goes on and we are not sad.

I had the immediate family out to the farm and we had sandwiches on my French  and Oatmeal Bread.  I also had a huge pots of hamburger soup with two kinds of crackers and served that Chocolate Sheet Cake that some call Mississippi Mud Cake. 

All company was gone by Sunday morning.  I had to take Monday off to rest!  I love them all dearly but it takes a little energy to deal with all the food things.  The blessing was my hands and arms were finally back to normal.  Thank you Prednisone.

I was cleaning out the fridge of leftovers (chickens love that!) and found I had thawed a package of piecrust that needed to be used.  I hadn't sampled this year's mincemeat yet so I made tarts.  Only two are left; even DH ate them and he isn't a big fan of mincemeat. I didn't think this year's batch was up to snuff but I can't figure out what is missing. 


  1. Dear Glenda ~ Sorry to hear about the loss of your FIL. It sounds like he had a loving and wonderful service. Your food for family sounds delicious. Your mincemeat tarts look yummy.

    Glad you have been getting some much needed rain.

    Love and hugs to you and your DH.


  2. Hi Glenda, I'm so sorry for the loss of your FIL. You have had a busy time lately and I hope you get a chance to rest up now. These rainy days are good for just resting. Our pond looks fuller this morning and that is good to see. They are calling for more storms today...just hoping they don't turn severe. Take care!

  3. Sounds like your FIL was quite the character and left a sweet legacy. I'm glad your experience was positive.
    You flung a cravin' on me by mentioning the Oatmeal bread. Care to share the recipe?
    Enjoy the rain ♥

  4. Loved your post today.. I love funerals that have great stories on the one that has passed on. I plan on having a party at my funeral. I told my children what I wanted and they just laughed. I'll never know if they do what I want.. Door prizes ~ they just go through my house and gather all the things they don't want and take these things to the dinner after the funeral. Have balloons and lots of happy music.
    Last song will be "Happy Trails to You"..
    Have a great day...ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  5. Can you post your sheet cake recipe?

  6. Sorry to hear about your FIL, but it sounds like the service was wonderful. I to would love your mincemeat recipe and the sheetcake recipe Please. Bye from Down Under

  7. sorry to hear about your Father-in-Law passing away. I know you said things were progressing fast. Glad you all feel good about it.

  8. Glad you're back!

    I don't have a very large family now but if I did I'd want that kind of funeral. If I have any say-so in it, I'd like them to play "I Hope You Dance" at mine.

    My mom always put a little extra vinegar in her mincemeat. I don't make mincemeat very often but when I do, I do the same. I make mincemeat out of green tomatoes and apples. And sometimes I find the missing ingredient to be just a little salt. Hope you figure yours out. Hugs!

  9. My sympathies, Glenda, on the passing of your FIL. I'd assumed that had probably happened as you were off the blog so long. Sounds like the family and church friends gave him a warm and loving sendoff. Glad to learn you've gotten some decent rain at last - hooray - and that your hands are back to normal, what a blessing for you. Don't overdo now - but I doubt that'll hold you back. Take care.

  10. So sorry Glenda to hear of your father in law passing, but like you say it was a blessing. What a send off, he would have loved the stories and the laughter. Those memories sustain us and will help you all to move on. Sounds like you are back in the swing of things, glad you are feeling strong again. Very taxing when we have illness in the family, we're going through that right now and it's such a worry. Those mincemeat pies look so good, Grandma always put up mincemeat. It's one of those things you think you won't like... but the spicy goodness wins you over!