Friday, April 20, 2012

April 15-20, 2012

Today is a cool, windy drizzly day and I am not going outside.  This will be a good time to catch up on my daily doings and blog.

After looking at my written notes, I realize I have done very little.  My allergies are still bad.  I  decided to stop all antihistamines.  My body doesn't react well to most drugs....and the latest was one of them, Zyrtec.
I am just going to tough it out.....a small glass of wine will stop my coughing far it has just been one a day....but more may be required.

I did get the orchard sprayed finally and included the roses.  I love my two heirlooms but they are susceptible to blackspot.  They are blooming now and the scent is wonderful.

Wednesday was another inside day.  I made bread pretty much all day long.  I made a batch of a 10 grain bread and one of the double rise white bread.

I made 6 loaves (one in back in plastic bag is sliced and ready for the freezer).

Thursday.  I braved outside for milking and we started fencing the orchard with cattle panels.

Sadly, our wonderful handyman turns out to be  like all the others.....he began mowing yards and we think we likes sitting on his fanny to the tune of probably $25 per hour or better.  He has been sending his buddy over for a couple of hours now and then to finish the field fencing project.  We are getting pretty fed up so we started the orchard fence ourselves.  It will just take us longer  (maybe!) than him but we will get it done.

I was able to last a couple of hours before my ailments kicked in and I went inside.  Today is too wet to work on it, so it can wait.


My hosta bed started life as a holding bed for tiny hostas and morphed into the permanent bed.  I can only show it in early spring because it gets ungodly looking in the summer due to slugs and heat.

This view is taken at an angle because it is located behind the smokehouse and between the garden fence and I can't take a direct shot because the path is about 4 feet wide.

Besides hostas, I have giant solomon's seal, a seedling Golden Rain Tree (I am leaving for more shade), a persicaria polymorpha and several different varieties of hosta.

I see I failed to mention a few of the wild violets are in here too and a white Siberian Iris and a daylily...wonder what else is lurking back there?

The Jack Frost Bed

This is right by the back porch door.

The poor hellebore plant is now buried under the variegated Solomon's Seal.  I need to move it to a new home.


  1. Seems to me you get quite a bit done despite whatever health bugaboos keep knocking you down a bit! I haven't baked bread in ever-so-long and your beautiful loaves make me hang my head in shame. Love all the pictures of the bright spring green you have around your place. Drizzly days are good days, too, as they provide a balance. I fantasize about spending them reading all day . . . but it never happens. ;o}

    1. I would be embarrassed to list how many hours a day I read! But I do enjoy it. I have to discipline myself to quit now and then and clean or work that is the real truth!

  2. Dear Glenda ~ Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I don't like meds either. Be well!

    Your loaves of bread look so good.

    We need some rain and it is predicted, but time will tell if it happens. It's warm and humid, but not as bad as it will get.

    I enjoy seeing your different garden beds and reading the names of them.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. " will stop my coughing jags." Had to chuckle. I guess I take wine often enough to prevent coughing in the first place. *hic* ;-D But seriously, sorry the allergies are playing havoc with your routine. :-(

    The bread looks lovely, as usual. Near 80 today, barely out of 40s tomorrow. The roller coast weather never ends....

  4. i have heard that you can put out pie pans of beer and the slugs crawl in and drownd. i have also seen a cup sunk in the ground so the top is ground level - with the same beer and dead slugs.

    1. David, I have done the beer thing and it did work. I need to put it out now before they begin the damage. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. I live in Texas and I think I have your handyman's cousin working for me. His wages keep going higher and his work is getting slower. This is my first time to read your blog. I found you through the "Farmer's Daughter".

  6. Sorry you are still suffering, this is the longest I can remember oak pollen hanging on. Even two good rains and it's still chokes me everytime I go out for long. Have you tried the eaten grapefruit halves turned upside down trick under the hostas? Daddy used do it in the garden too. Also eggs shells surrounding the plant are supposed to deter them. Summer is coming, we will eventually get past all this pollen!

    1. Joycee, I hope you see this....I went out yesterday and placed the grapefruit around the hostas. I am now saving the egg shells from the compost pail to use next.

  7. You loaves of bread look delicious! Hope you feel better soon- I don't like the way allergy meds make me feel either- sometimes I think the cure is worse than the ailment.

  8. Your hostas look great. Mine only have a few weeks left before they will be discovered by the hens and demolished. So I enjoy them while I can :)