Friday, January 15, 2010

Rambling Thoughts and Catching up Journal

I haven't done anything very memorable for the last five days, but lots of my days are that way.

I finished my book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society".  It is a collection of letters between friends.
I learned some more WWII history.....I didn't know the Germans occupied the Isle of Guernsey for almost the duration of the war.  I totally enjoyed the book and didn't want it to end.  It is the kind of book you can put down and come back to later, in fact, I did this to make it last!  A very pleasant read.

I made another batch of jam,  strawberry this time like I thought I was doing when I thawed cherries  last time.  I used liquid pectin....I don't think I will use it again   The jam is a little softer than I like but it is very fresh tasting.....I think I will keep it.

From Food

This was errand day.....a trip to the feed cooperative for the chickens and a stop at Walmart for a few items.
They had their Christmas storage containers on sale and I picked up 4 of the under-bed ones for storing yarn.  It just took 3 so now I have an extra.  I bet I can find a use for it.

I finally got all the seeds on a couple of spread sheets but the actual organizing of the seeds is not done.  Maybe I will force myself to do it tomorrow.

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  1. Glenda, your jam looks very good! And I just love that white enamel tea kettle sitting there behind them. I think you should do a "favorite things" entry. That tea kettle would certainly make it on my list, if it was mine, that is.

    I keep getting into my seed stash and getting it disorganized again. It's a little frustrating to lose a package of seed when you know you have it, SOMEWHERE, and it's time to plant it. I use gallon-size zip-lock bags and have one for flowers, one for herbs, one for veggies, etc.

  2. I have several pounds of frozen cranberries in the freezer I need to get busy with and your jam pic reminded me.

    I do the same as Ilene with my seeds -- storing in gallon ziplocks. One for ornamentals, one for tomatoes, another for herbs, another for brassicas, etc, etc. It's not as organized as it could be but it keeps me from having to dig through everything.

  3. A gallon zip-lock wouldn't hold my stash! It is just ridiculous. Some of the flower seeds are collected and some are old so I hesitate to force them on anyone.

    Most of the garden seeds are probably still viable.

    Diane, I do lots of jam making in winter. I still have peaches in the freezer. I give lots to the grands when they are down.