Monday, April 5, 2010

Cleaned Off Strawberry Bed - Fruit Trees Blooming

I decided to remove all the mulch from the strawberry bed. It is about 30x30 feet (a guess). I didn't realize I had put so much straw over it. It was a pretty labor intensive 45 minutes to remove it. I just placed it next to the fence and on the garden path....might need it nearby if frost is threatened. The ground was very soggy underneath. It looks as if I lost several plants but they were way too thick so that's a good thing.

The peaches are blooming and the Keiffer pear tree is loaded with white blooms this year. I can see at long last some buds on the Seckel pear trees. It has been a long wait for the pears to even bloom. Peaches are much faster.

This is a peach that was supposed to be Belle of Georgia and wasn't!.  It is also just a half tree.  One of our many storms split it several years ago and I inserted eye bolts into both pieces and wired it together.  Then a couple of years ago it was loaded with peaches and I failed to support the side that was leaning and it snapped the wire and took off that entire side.
I almost sawed the whole tree down...glad I didn't.  It will no doubt die much sooner but in the meantime, we can enjoy it.

This next is supposed to be a Red Have Peach

Both plums are in full bloom.  The one inside the chicken yard is dead on one side this spring and doesn't have nearly as many blooms on the live side but the little plum on the garden side is covered with bloom.  It is laying on its side after a wind storm last year almost uprooted it. I was afraid to raise it back up so let it lay.

We have had another nice rain which is always welcome this time of year.

If the ground is dry enough, I will try to do some planting in the garden.

I noticed a different looking sparrow at the window feeder.  It was a tiny, slender little thing with a sold light gray breast.  I knew it wasn't a common house sparrow.  The very knowledgeable folks on the GW Bird Watching Forum identified it for me.  It is a Chipping Sparrow!

From Birds

We are still waiting for the first Purple Martins and the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds to show up.  We put up one hummer feeder yesterday.  I didn't want them to pass us by!


  1. Oh Glenda ~ How wonderful your flowering fruit trees are. That little bird is a sweetie. I am always in awe of your country/farm life when I visit you.

    What a wonderful sized strawberry bed you have. I love strawberries.


  2. I hope all your lovely trees set lots of fruit for you this year. They must keep you busy when the harvest comes in! Meanwhile we're still riding the roller coaster called Spring in Ohio. Tomorrow: 80. Friday: 46. We just hold tight and wait for the ride to stop past the middle of May. LOL

  3. Beautiful trees! We're working on planting several fruit trees this week.

  4. Beautiful blossoms on your trees. Spring is so gorgeous. Have you checked out the 2010 Ruby-throated hummingbird migration map--here's my post on hummers:

  5. It won't be long and you are going to have some FABULOUS color going on in that garden!
    Great to find you on one of my favorite garden blogs pages.

    Stop by my garden sometime - I love sharing photos!