Friday, April 16, 2010

Clematis - First bloom on very old plant

Our cold front hasn't arrived;  it is 74° here today but a little overcast so I have hopes of rain.

I  mowed the east yard  before  starting my endless weeding job.
I had a mini disaster mowing.  I decided to make a pass behind the cellar which is a tight fit for just the mower, but I left the garden cart attached. I felt a little tension on the rear but just kept on.  When I drove across the yard to the patio to disconnect the cart...I discovered the tension was caused by the rear removable panel being pulled out of the cart allowing the 40 lbs of lime to  fall over and spill about a fourth of it somewhere.  Back to the section behind the cellar and there lay the panel and almost all of the pelleted lime in one spot.  I was able to retrieve most of it.  Take a hammer to the panel and all is well.

 I drove back to the milk parlor where the apricot tree is to check on it.  I have never paid much attention before how the fruit grew.  I see on limbs with lots of tiny green fruit (looks viable) a larger fruit.  I don't know if all the tiny ones will drop or catch up with the larger.  Be interesting to watch.

From Fruit

I got a pleasant surprise in that same area.  Just to the left of the fruit tree is an old concrete ramp they used to load cattle.  Several years ago I planted a clematis there.  It has never done anything.  Some years just a puny vine or two and nary a flower in all those years.  Look at it now!

It is about 3 feet tall now.  I have no idea the variety.

While there I decided to clean up the Milk Parlor/Ramp bed.  Between the henbit and cheat, it was a struggle.
 Another one finished!


  1. Love clematis and that is a pretty one. I have several with buds so should have blooms soon-seems early to me.

  2. I'm glad you were able to retrieve your lime. What a deal! I'm glad you found the clematis. The blooms on it sure are pretty!