Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Gardening and Yard Work

Yesterday was a good, busy day.  The weather was perfect.  It was sunny and jacket weather when I went out at 8:00 AM but soon warmed up to shirt sleeve temperature.

I planted another half row of potatoes and the rest of my seedling onions and a  full row  (20 feet) of cabbages!

We are pretty dry now so I think later today I will water the plantings good.  No rain predicted for a few days.

I still have some early seeds to plant:  Sugar Snap peas, spinach, lettuces and radishes and maybe some flower seeds.
I bought Bachelor Buttons.  I would like to get a start going again.

I got most of the roses fertilized and put epsom salts around the two old garden roses.  Someone on the rose forum told me these varieties required a more acid soil so let's hope for better results this year. I used all the Bayer product up.  It seems very high to me so I will be using my native fertilizer (a gift from the cows) and compost for the rest of the summer....except for acid treatment and I still have epsom salts and a old box of Miracid.

I have vowed to take care of my roses this year....fertilize,  spray, trim, mulch and water!!  I see others roses and am totally ashamed of mine.  Granted growing roses in southwest Missouri is not the easiest thing to do but I could do better.  The Japanese beetles will love me for it!

DH got the chain saw fired up for me and we cut several tree saplings from the yard and flower beds.  Our entire yard was mainly what I call 'trash trees' when we moved.  They seed like crazy  everywhere and this is the worst year ever.  They are ash, Siberian Elm, Silver Maple, and Kolreuteria.......I should have them all removed but we would be too bare.

I never think about the West yard.  I do very little gardening there but it is a quiet shady place that we should enjoy more often.

From Gardening 2010

We planted the four good trees  showing here:  A swamp oak (bought from Master Gardener's Sale, a white or red oak (can't remember), a pin oak and the last one planted, October Glory red maple.  As you can see Biscuit has been following me around and needed a rest.  I see not all the trees are showing...I will show them later when they are fully leafed out.  The oaks are just now starting.

While I am on the subject of trees, here are some favorites this time of year.  First is the old apple tree, still now sure what it is.  Previous owner planted it and she doesn't remember.  It has been damaged so badly from storms that it looks terrible in the winter but it faithfully blooms each spring and the fragrance is wonderful, a very spicy odor that the other trees don't have yet.

From Gardening 2010
and I had to try to capture the Mocking Bird who sit at the top and sings daily....almost too loud when I am working in the garden that is in the background.

From Gardening 2010

The cherry tree in the garden west end is in   full bloom.  I believe more than previous years.  It is a North Start or Meteor.  Each year it produces more than we can use.  Our neighbor used to come pick but she is too old and not well and doesn't now.  I let the birds have what we don't need.  They appreciate it.

From Gardening 2010
That contraption in the right corner is my cattle panel hoop house frame that I grow pole beans on.  

And the native redbud.  My father-in-law dug it from their yard in the Spring of 1992 and brought it to us.  It took a long time to bloom but I  think they are pretty trees even in leaf.

This is in the east yard behind the cellar bed.

From Gardening 2010

I won't be gardening today probably.  We are having DH's parents out for dinner.  I am fixing ham, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, and a green vegetable, probably green beans.  Dessert is going to be Blackberry Cobbler.   I have been thinking about one for a week or so....ever since DH brought a package down from the freezer in the garage to the one on the back porch.  I t may be my favorite fruit pie.  Almost slipped my mind, instead of hot rolls I am having hot biscuits like Grandma used to do.  She made them three times a day on some days.  Grandpa would not eat what he called 'store bread'.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Dear Glenda ~ This is a lovely post and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm inspired to do 'something', I just don't know what yet. It's just getting light out and rain is predicted for the day.

    Your west yard looks like a wonderfully shady spot to relax and I can see you making some lovely flower beds there for you to enjoy.

    I love your place and thank you for sharing your life and the beauty that surrounds you.

    Your lunch with your DH's folks sounds delicious! Hot biscuits really sounds good.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  2. Sounds like you got a lot done in the vegetable garden, Glenda. Good for you. What a nice tour of your trees, especially those that are in bloom just now. My crabs are ready to *pop* and seem unaffected by the recent temp tumble.

    Your dinner sounds yummy! And you can never go wrong with fresh biscuits. Enjoy. :-D