Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Storm

We got rain at last, meaningful rain, 2 inches. No storm, not hail or wind. I was so sad to hear of the storms in Mississippi and the damage and loss of life. Mother Nature can be a fearsome thing.

The picture on the header was taken just before the heavy rains hit in late afternoon today. It had been raining lightly off and on all day before the heavy rain.

I milked early to miss the rains, but it was sprinkling already. Of course, I milk inside and process the milk inside so not really an issue unless it is lightening which scares the bejabbers out of me. I poured this milk into a large wide topped crockery bowl so I can skim the cream tomorrow. I had a full half gallon left that I put in my glass canning jars. I will make cottage cheese out of the milk after I skim it.

I also picked the first poke of the season....all out of one flower bed (thank you birds!!!)I had enough for lunch and froze a quart. We enjoy it as much as spinach.

Poke weed is everywhere in the yard and is a real nuisance. After picking the rest, I am going to try to eliminate it permanently.

I took a few pictures of newly blooming things between showers.
From Gardening 2010

and the new Henryi on what I call my "Nell" trellis.
From Gardening 2010
and the one growing on the dead Aloha rose,
From Gardening 2010

I have forgotten the name of this one and didn't want to dig down in the wet foliage to see if I had tagged it.
From Gardening 2010


The first Baltimore Oriole visited the hummer feeder today. He is the male. We hope there will be others.
From Birds

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and stay safe from storms.


  1. The white clematis looks like Miss Bateman.

    I love your stories. I read it almost every time you post. Hope the other kittens survive.