Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up at 4:15 AM this morning to another warm morning, in the 50's.  We are running about 10 degrees warmer than normal and much drier than last year.

Yesterday was errand day so no gardening.  We had to buy mag blocks for the cows and I picked up corn gluten pellets for the garden.  I want to try them.  They are a very soft mealy pellet so I hope they give me the same effect as the meal for weed seed germination. 

We stopped by Walmart and I couldn't resist picking up two bags of plants.  I don't like buying plants in peat where you can't see them, but they felt firm.  I bought Peaches and Cream  dahlia (3in) and (2) white bleeding heart.  I want the the dahlia with my Buff Beauty rose.  Hope the colors blend and don't clash.

The also had Amish -made  cedar bird houses for a very reasonable price.  I bought my mother-in-law a wren house that she had mentioned wanting and I bought a bluebird house.  They were 8.97 and 10.47.  I wanted them for patterns as much as anything.  I thought they were cleverly made.  I hope the strong cedar fragrance isn't a hindrance to the birds.

The Garden Center manager told me something interesting.  She said none of their fertilizers contain phosphorous this year......the Green People strike again!  Evidently the run-off is contaminating streams and underground water sources.
So people will have to be seeking other sources.  They did not have ag lime either.  I finally found some at Race Brothers in Springfield.  I haven't limed in years; maybe that will help the garden this year.

I have some late daffs that have opened. 

From Gardening 2010

From Gardening 2010
and the first iris.  This is an intermediate variety that I call Lisenby's antique purple passalong.  He is the neighbor who gave it to me.  It is darker than the picture shows.

From Gardening 2010

DH  is requesting pancakes for breakfast.  So I don't feel so guilty making them for him, I use a recipe that uses whole wheat flour and oatmeal.  It is a perfect size for two.  I will post about them with the recipe tomorrow.

Another good gardening day ahead, hope  yours is the same.

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