Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Pictures

We are finally cooler and did get a very light shower late yesterday afternoon.  I think tonight is supposed to be 38°.

I have several things I want to go today:

1.  Spread lime around the garden
2.  Clean around iris and spread the corn gluten pellets over them. 
3.  Finish a corner of the Milk Parlor Bed where the lilies are
4.  Trim around the 'Grace' hidden bed by cellar (where I lost a lot of the lime yesterday)
5.  Make hamburger buns and maybe sweet rolls

Here are a few pictures:

The apricot tree (I need to thin the tiny ones I am told)

From Fruit

Mission accomplished:  The garden fence bed cleaned at last,

From Gardening 2010

Here is where the corn gluten will go; I hope this works.  Keeping iris cleaned is a chore!

From Gardening 2010
and finally the sunlight shining through the leaves of 'Grace' smoketree in the Hidden Bed.  (note: I have not trimmed this bed yet....see the henbit?)
From Gardening 2010


  1. It looks like you've been very busy there at the farm. Pretty soon, your gardens will be filled with blooms.

    Your weather is still 'cold' to me. Right now (7:13 it is 71 and feels like it is 67. It is supposed to get up to 79 today and tomorrow. Rain is expected tonight with thunderstorms tomorrow. The rain is great for the gardens, so I won't complain.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. I wanted to comment about the calf lost to predators. Some people around here keep donkeys in the pasture with their cows. Reportedly a donkey will stomp a predator to death.

    You've been really busy. I planted 7 clumps of Lemon Grass this morning and threw a dog toy 9 times for each clump I planted.

  3. Will have to try the corn gluten on my iris bed-dislike weeding around and between them!

    My daughter has been on vacation this week and has helped me some in the garden beds. I am so sore in every joint and muscle-very out of shape!! We went to a nursery this afternoon but didn't buy anything. I was wanting some Victoria Blue salvia but it seems hard to find or maybe I am too early.

  4. Nell, the donkey is a good idea. We have heard about them but forgot about it. One neighbor is keeping llamas for the same reason....don't know if it works or not but donkeys seem more manageable to me.

    Flowerlady, this morning it is 45 and will drop down to about 41 at daybreak. Just as long as it doesn't frost!

    Bev, if you are talking about salvia farinacea 'Victoria Blue', they are very easy from seeds. Once you get them, the are pretty much perennial from self seeding and from the old plants. I have had them so long that they have crossed with others and are a faded version now but very pretty. I think the original seeds were from Park. Mine are beginning to pop up now.

    I am tired too; I don't have quite the pizzazz I had last year. I am hoping it is the antihistamines I have been taking.

    Thanks for visiting. Have a super Sunday.

  5. Hi Glenda,
    I've never heard of corn gluten or corn gluten pellets. Where do you get them? Since I haven't heard of them, I haven't heard of using them in the garden. Is there anything else you use it for?

    It's been getting down to the 30s at night, but after tonight's 39, it's supposed to be a bit warmer, with highs in the upper 60s.

    Did you get everything done?