Monday, December 20, 2010

We are having a much nicer day today. It was above freezing when I got up.

This was milking morning. It was a disaster.
Willow is a stubborn cow and not exactly real laid back. She doesn't kick, but sometimes she pulls back and she did this morning breaking her tie, knocking me off the stool and spilling 3 gallons of milk. To say I was mad is an understatement.
I need to build her a stall where she is locked in from the rear or put a neck lock stanchion in front of her feed box. I will have milk again in the morning. This time I will have my assistant stay in the barn with me. She likes him...........not me. The previous owner's son did most of the milking. You would think by now, she would be used to me. Who knows............Just one of the little fringe benefits of having a milk cow. I have never had one behave like her. It isn't like she is mean and trying to hurt me; more like she is done! and she wants out of the barn. I am not looking forward to our bout in the morning.

My assistant tells me he has found a chain to attach her to the feed bin.

I hesitated to include this bit, but it is the truth of living on the farm. It isn't always fresh air and warm animals and lots of garden has its little downers too so I left it in.

After settling down after that little barn episode, I decided to make Mom's recipe for peanut brittle. I made a double batch of the syrup mixture but didn't double the peanuts. It turned out well. I think her recipe uses a little more soda which makes it very brittle and not hard at all. Probably no one will eat it except the in-laws and us.

Yesterday we saw the Pileated Woodpecker again. We haven't seen him for several years. I missed getting a shot (camera) of him. Thank you very much gray cat!
I decided to take out the screen by my computer. That is where I can observe the bird feeder and take my pictures through the window...........which will have to be cleaned often. It is a magnificent bird and always makes us smile. He is Woody Woodpecker!

I am still reading on the third in the series (and last) of Steig Larrson's novels,
I will be glad when I am finished...........not my favorite reads at all, but I will finish.

I was all set to crochet the hat shown on Granny J and Mom2fur's websites but found I need to buy a size J crochet hook. It is on my list now and I will pick it up today.

I also baked one of the turkeys I had bought over Thanksgiving. The test is complete. The Butterball turkey is worth the extra money. This one was Jennie something or other, Dillon/Kroger's brand. It wasn't nearly as tender and juicy as the Butterball. I made us a simple evening meal of turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, and peas. The rest will be put in the freezer for either Christmas or a later date. I couldn't face staying up boiling the carcass so froze it too.

Finished up the day watching "Endgame" on Masterpiece on PBS. A good move about the ending of apartheid.


  1. What a start to the day, I can just imagine how mad you were! Glad you did the testing for us, we had Butterball Thanksgiving and it sure was good. I'd love to have you Mom's recipe for th peanut brittle if you have the time this week...

  2. Glenda,
    I am so sorry for the Milk disaster, personally I would of threatened Willow with a trip to the pack plant,(just a threat,lol) but I sure would be po-ed to say the least. I don't like starting off my morning with disasters and melt-downs either, especially getting knocked off the stool on my can.
    I have several large Flicker woodpeckers here, I don't see them very often, usually only in the winter, I made suet cakes for the birds yesterday, and if it warms up a little so I can get my medium size ladder, I will put up my suet feeders. I have a few Juncos also, don't see them either until it gets cold and some snow on the ground.
    My Butterball was perfect also for Thanksgiving, it was so good, and the carcass fell apart and the meat was so tender and very flavorful.
    Anyway, Glenda, have a great week and a most wonderful Christmas Holiday.

  3. I, too, prefer a Butterball over other frozen turkeys. But this year I strayed 'cause I found a honeysuckle at $.66/lb and couldn't resist. I should have resisted harder - I found it dry and bland. From now on I'm spending the extra $ for a BB - no more messing around with others.

    Have never seen a pileated woodpecker hereabouts. But I do have flickers. Also downy, hairy and red-bellied woodpeckers at the suet.

  4. We don't often cook turkey but when we do it's always a Butterball. I've never had good luck with other brands.

    I hope the crocheted hat turns out well for you. I've made about a dozen now with all different trim colors.

    I remember well milking cows that had an attitude. We had the metal stanchions that locked them in but still had to watch to make sure they didn't kick the bucket over.

    The peanut brittle looks yummy. I like peanut brittle that is more brittle than hard.

  5. Butterball has my vote too! But, Joe does the grocery shopping and he gets what he gets and we deep fry it. They always come out nice and juicy!! Now, your cow??? I've got to think about her...maybe she's just testing you, Glenda! P.S. I made one last batch of Spritz with the sprinkles as you suggested & they look adorable!! Thanks, once again.If ever you want to come visit me, feel free!..:)JP

  6. Thanks Glenda so much for the peanut brittle recipe, it turned out good! My father in law will eat the whole batch unless I get to it first...Merry Christmas!

  7. I think I'm going to have to have that peanut brittle recipe, too!

    I had some once that had pecans and wide coconut flakes in it instead of the peanuts. That was really good, too.

  8. So, did you end up with some bruises? On either Christmas Eve, or Day, as I sat down on the cute blue wood folding chair I have at our kitchen table, it broke, and I landed hard on the floor. What hurt the worse, was my right leg, just above my ankle. Every day I watch the bruise as it changes colors. I have to be careful not to touch it to anything, because it hurts.

    You don't seem to have been slowed down at all, though. I'm glad the milking is going better.