Monday, July 18, 2011

Beetles, watering and other mundane things.

The weather continues hot and dry.

I began the day at 4 AM. Went out very early, just at daybreak, to empty the beetle traps. I just rehung one. I decided the one by the zinnia bed was drawing them to the zinnias which they eat. The one in the front yard is being swarmed again. I may not put it back up either. I think now they are drawn more to the sex lure for reproduction than to the plants for food. I will know by tomorrow. The plan is just to spray the beans and others thing they love to eat.

I am very tired of the bug patrol!

Today is garden watering day. I began on the west end and have moved to the east end.
Tomorrow I will do the middle which is the tomato patch.

I picked more cucumbers this morning and will do a few dills without garlic that our daughter likes and then I am finished with pickles.

The raccoon is stealing an ear of sweet corn now and then. He may get them all before they are ready for harvest! He is ignoring the live trap completely.

I watered the 'Grace Bed' yesterday and took this picture just wondering if the water would show. It did.

and the butterflies are still with us,

A Tiger Swallowtail on the phlox again,

My FIL had this birdhouse buried in his shed and wanted to know if I wanted it; I did,

Follow Up on Sting

That hand still has swelling and there is a knot on the back of my hand right at the wrist that is extremely sore to touch, and another just below my wrist about two inches that is very puffy and sore. My hand is still warm to the touch. Whatever it was it really poisoned me. I haven't really felt 100% since it happened.

Would you believe we loaded two bulls this morning and before going back there, I asked DH if he sprayed around the head gate and he said he had...........well a few swarmed again as I shut the trailer gate. I left the area very quickly. I don't know where he sprayed but it didn't get the job done! I couldn't handle another sting.


  1. Such a pretty birdhouse!

    I didn't get but one cuke this year. That was just as well, since my dill all died right after it came up.

    I'm only doing a little bit of work in the mornings. The rest of the day is in the toilet.

    It's alway such a pleasure to see your pictures. Hugs!

  2. Oh Glenda ~ I'm so sorry that your hand is still giving you problems. Your body is still fighting off the poisons. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Hopefully you will soon get some rain too. We had a nice heavy rain this afternoon accompanied by thunder and lightening. When I had gone out to hand water earlier there wasn't anything visible as to what we got later. Wind, heavy rains and the T&L. My 'watering' must have been like 'priming the pump'.

    I love that butterfly picture and the water spray in that one picture has a cooling feeling.

    Heal up soon ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love the pictures. I hope your hand heals soon.

  4. Like your birdhouse-some of my favorite things.

    Hope your hand improves soon!! Take care........