Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gardening - Getting Ready for Company

We were both outside by 6:30 AM yesterday morning trying to beat the heat.

I did more watering and spraying for Japanese Beetles. I dug about 1/4 row of Yukon Gold potatoes. The harvest was light. That is one draw back with them. I think most of my problem was late planting and then it turning so hot so early. There were 4-5 tiny potatoes under the hills along with the 3-5 of larger ones. I will save them for seeds for next year.

I finished mulching around the melons on the west end of the garden. I also watered the beans and melons. So far everything is looking good. I need to pick green beans again.

I trimmed all around and under the peach tree and the garden path. Things finally look halfway caught up.

We are having the in-laws out for dinner to celebrate her 93rd birthday. Menu for dinner is: Meatballs, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes and new green beans.
I made a pumpkin pie and will serve it with whipped cream. I may make cole slaw. I need to use those cabbages for something!

Our son called and he is coming in with our grandson either this evening or tomorrow. The rest of the family is headed for California for something to do with the girls' dance classes. It may get tricky with cooking....I want to make a birthday cake for our grandson who has a birthday in a few days....

I got no sympathy from my daughter when I worried about the cooking.....she just didn't see the problem. I may be getting old but I don't handle the cooking with company as well as I used to.

Pictures from around the yard:

I love this Shoal Creek Vitex (so do the beetles) The pale blue just doesn't photograph well, but trust me it is very beautiful.

This is taken at an angle to the dining room porch bed. I don't know why it appeals to me, but it does. Maybe the daylilies waving above the others?

and this is one of the mystery glads in the package I bought to support the local school. I stuck these in the cistern planter but will move them to a better location next spring.

I love the color of this one...there were two of them.

Wait until the orange one opens! Talk about out of is what designers like to call an accent color!

and I am adding this one just to show I did mow after cutting the hose in two.

Thanks to Jackie's suggestion, I was able to just cut a short end off the hose and use a hose clamp to repair it. Worked great.

and to change the pace,

I finally made myself organize and clean the shelves in the kitchen. Take a look, it may never be that neat again!


  1. I understand your comment about cooking for company. I don't do well cooking for company these days. I think it has to do with cooking larger amounts of everything and it being a break in our routine. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Cooking for company can be stressful that's for sure. No matter how comfortable or familiar you are with the guests. I do hope all goes well. Try not to stress, that does no good whatsoever, especially for yourself.

    Your Vitex is wonderful. I have a baby in a huge terra cotta pot, grew it from seed.

    Love that purple glad too and I'm beginning to like purple and orange colors together.

    Have a lovely holiday and family gathering.


  3. Love your vitex-I have wondered if they were hardy in our area.

    I understand cooking as well. I will be having company tomorrow night for supper. Will do what I can today-for sure make my potato salad, macaroni salad and a banana cake-your recipe I think. I like for them all to mellow. That will leave coleslaw, baked beans and the meat for tomorrow.

    I love the daisies in that shot with the daylilies-I like all daisy type flowers.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I think the daisies being in shadow is what makes the daylily shot so appealing. They look luminous. I only cook for two any more. If there are ten to eat, then I have to cook for 2 five times.

    Love the purple glads. I had two, too. Now I have two yellow.

    They make hose menders so you can put the hose back together. I know all about mending hoses -- the dog likes to bite through them.

    And lastly, we don't have Japanese beetles. WE have gnats. They don't attack plants, they get in your eyes and ears.

  5. I may have to try a Vitex, Glenda! And the Glad is rich and velvety in appearance! Have a safe holiday!...:)JP

  6. Bev, I researched the vitex; not all varieties are good for our zone, but Shoal Creek was.

    Nell, I see I have some yellow glads too. I had even forgotten planting them. I bought a sort of grab bag of them. I see the beetles are liking them too. They make me think of the biblical plagues.....The elm leaves rain down all day long.
    I think I would rather have gnats...maybe.