Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catch Up Post

I have no real excuse for not posting but laziness!

I am updating from my written daily journal.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot and Dry.

We went to nearby town for DH's haircut and I went across to the store and bought blueberries that were on sale. I think I got all they had!

I made my first blueberry pie and we thought it was very good.

I will freeze the rest of the blue berries.

I boiled a chicken for later meals.

I watered the orchard deeply at each tree. I lifted the flakes of hay mulch and was pleased to see there was still some moisture showing. DH did a better job than I had thought! Maybe he is learning gardening at long last.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot and dry today

I watered my pathetic little bed of zinnias and the Limelight hydrangea area at the end of the porch. The poor thing was wilted at 7 AM.

After setting the sprinkler, I went to the barn and milked.

I cut two rows of sweet corn and tossed to Willow.

I finally cut the patch of head-high poke and lamb quarter in the New Bed and at the west end of the Kitchen garden. Watered by hand the melon hills.
One squash plant was wilted. I guess the squash bugs or borers found it. I have been checking so carefully......

I harvested a few items.

The Strawberry Fields gomphrena doesn't quite look like Park's catalog photo! Surprise, surprise! I do like the longer stems. I have two clumps hung to dry. I hope the color holds well.

P.S. I made chicken pot pie with biscuits using part of the chicken I boiled and still have all the white meat left for another dish. Probably fettuccine Alfredo with chicken chunks and maybe the rest with yellow rice. We are really enjoying the spicy yellow rice. I cooked the last in chicken broth and tossed in some sauteed onion and red pepper flakes for a side dish. DH even ate a dish for his supper....a true endorsement over his peanut butter.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot and dry.


Watered the Indian Giver bed

Tilled the garden and made a small herb bed next to the path. It wasn't my first choice but I realized I was going to loose the plants if I didn't get them in the ground asap. I kept waiting for a rain and cooler weather that never came. They are pretty sorry looking now. I will watch them closely and keep my fingers crossed.

I weeded the west end of the Kitchen Garden around the aster that still hasn't been moved. It was mostly lambs quarter and was as tall as my shoulders.

I did the same with the New Bed outside the kitchen. When that poke rears its stubborn head again, I am brushing it with diesel fuel. That will kill anything.

Whew! Caught up again.

Sunday looms ahead. Hot and dry.


  1. I've been pulling up poke from the golf course marginal this year. I will be doing some 'commando gardening' back there this Fall.

    The pie looks scrumptious, but what really set my mouth watering was the mention of chicken pot pie. Oh, that is my favorite and I seldom make it. Perhaps this winter....

    Meanwhile we're being eaten alive by mosquitos. The big rain a couple weeks ago allowed them to breed like crazy and now they are all out for blood. *swat* I have to dress from head to toe to water anything now and even then I come back with lots of welts. See...there IS a downside to rain. *swat* ;-D

  2. Your haul looks great!
    I'm gearing up to make a pie, but have to convince myself I won't die from turning on the oven.

  3. Sounds like you've been very busy. I don't the "Lazy" would apply. Glad to see you back though. :)

  4. Wow! The pie looks outstanding! Hope all is well with you and your family and the heat isn't too bad.

  5. Oh yum! The pie looks very good. It is so very hot here in Mid-MO, but we did get a nice little rain yesterday although it didn't cool off much. Your veggies look good. Stay cool!

  6. We got back to Virginia late Saturday and judging by my creeks, it's been dry here too, Glenda! I think we may have found "the house"...:)JP