Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yogurt - Our First taste of real milk and other things from the farm

Hot and dry; another 100° day predicted with 82% humidity.

I am milking each morning these days. DH is going to bring his fan from the garage over to the milk barn. The exhaust fan in the barn window isn't working. He will get another cheapie for him. This is a big floor fan that we used when we were operating the dairy.

Willow is slowly coming around. I suspect she is holding up her milk....I am not getting much.

I brought one half gallon down this morning and set yogurt. I never liked it much until I began making mine from my milk. I had to laugh.....I expected this. We have two gallons of store milk in the fridge but DH asked if I had any chilled from Willow....I did and we both had our first glass, nectar of the Gods. He is as bad as I am about it. We feel so fortunate that we can have our cow and I can milk and enjoy the bounty.

I am actually watering a young tree this morning. I could see heat stress on my Red Maple and I sure don't want to loose it. I am using my favorite little cast round sprinkler. I have two now and I use them more than the large one.


I saw this Pipe-vine Swallowtail on a rose bush (note how bad the rose looks; thank you Japanese Beetles). It was so still after taking the picture, I touched it and was happy to see it fly off. The host plant is, of course, the pipe-vine. I don't grow one but it is a native Missouri vine called Woolly Pipe-vine(aristolochia tomentosa) so I am assuming there are some in the fields around the house area.


  1. Oooooooohh! The wonderful taste of your own milk! Congrats!

    Hope you're surviving the heat wave. I was hoping that we were going to get some sort of reprieve, but it looks like it's going to be more of the same; hotter than heak and dryer than the desert.

  2. Sorry your heat wave is hanging on. I wish there was a local source for fresh cow's milk. I hate the taste of pasteurized milk.

    The butterfly is beautiful.

  3. See, this is why I read blogs. You get info other than the 'government approved' line. For instance, raw cow's milk is bad/unsafe/potentially harmful (take your pick). So buy only USDA inspected processed pasteurized homogenized fortified white stuff.

    You and your family seem pretty hale and hearty, Glenda. Thank goodness you've survived this long. But aren't you afraid the milk police will show up? ;-D LOL

  4. There is nothing like fresh milk.
    I grew up on raw milk and was healthy and happy.

    Stunning butterfly!

  5. Oh what I would give for a cold glass of raw REAL milk right now with some warm cookies...
    Even though the Ozarks are HOT, I would love to be there instead of here in North Dakota. Hopefully we'll be able to return soon.
    Enjoy a glass for me! K

  6. I'm hoping you can add a Subscribe Via Email box to your blog. Thank you!

  7. What a treat to have your own milk and yogurt!

    That butterfly sure is a beauty!