Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Milking, Sweet Pickle Relish

Well still hot and very dry here.

My first day of milking was yesterday. All was going smoothly until she decided to step forward out of the stanchion! Of course, she can't do that, but she tried. Knocked the milk over and I lost all but 1/2 gallon. This morning she didn't do that, but she refused to drink water all night. I guess she was afraid to come into the lot where the water was. She does have her little quirks! We will get into a nice easy routine soon. I don't think I will look for another calf. I think with the heat and the sorry grass and hay, her production won't be so much that the calf and I can handle it. Then there are all the cats...........they will enjoy it too.

I kept the calf up in the barn this morning but she can still see her...so far, she hasn't left the nearby tree..... This may take a while.

Not all milk cows are created equal.

After milking, I finished processing the sweet relish I started yesterday. The first step was to chop the veggies and cover with a brine solution and leave overnight.
This morning I drained and rinsed it twice then mixed up the syrup solution, added the chopped veggies and slightly cooked it before canning. I almost forgot my wonderful maslin pan....but got it out at the last minute dumped everything in it.
I think the relish tastes much like the bread and butter pickles. I should have had a red bell pepper for color....didn't. I also added a pinch of red pepper flakes. I wish I had the cute little 1/2 pint jars....but used what I had. It called for Pickle Crisp which I have never used. I can't decide about using it or not. I may try some soon.

We had to buy a new hummingbird feeder and they simple love this new one! I put it right outside the kitchen window and we are enjoying them enjoying it.


  1. LOL I'm just about out the door today to go buy a carton of Pickle Crisp. I went to the Harvest forum and Pickle Crisp gets the OK from the 'big guns' like digdirt and lindalou so I won't be using an overnight lime soak for my pickling. I can either use PC for a soak with no toxicity, or just add 1/2t to each jar. I figure I'll save lots of water too because I won't have to do all that rinsing of lime. I will, as you do, eschew the BWB and just hold the jars at 180 for 30 minutes. (Thanks for the tip!)

    Your pics of hummers are just wonderful. And you seem to have so many! I only get 1 pair every year and they usually have 2 chicks. I've never seen any others. We only have the ruby throated hummers here. Do you have other than that?

  2. I love the hummingbird pictures. You certainly have a variety of birds there. The pickle relish looks delicious. I've never tried adding red pepper flakes but will try it. I love hot, spicy foods.

  3. Hey, pass the relish! Yumalicious! Kathy

  4. The relish looks delicious..haven't made any this year.
    I'm shocked your hummers eat together at all. Mine just fight and chase each other!