Friday, July 1, 2011

Phlox Time on the Farm

It is another hot and dry day here.

I just worked out about 2 hours this morning.

I cleaned the strawberry rows and hand watered them and one row of tomatoes.

I don't want to use the sprinkler because I don't want to make the mistake I did before harvesting the garlic. The potatoes and onions are almost ready to harvest and are next to where I wanted to water.

I see the beetles are heavy on the rose of sharon shrubs. I will spray them later this evening.

We were out of bread so I made three loaves of oatmeal bread, it is a little coarser than my regular whole wheat recipe but we love the flavor the oats give. I used quick oats not hot oat bran cereal that is called for. That seems very like a push of their Hodgson Mill products ala King Arthur Flour recipes.

It is garden phlox (phlox paniculata)time here.


  1. One good thing about lack of rain - the phlox (right now) don't have any mildew on them. Mine are just now opening up here as are my daylilies. Up to 80 today - and one of those ozone alert days. I really can tell air quality difference. I feel myself huffin' and puffin' with less exertion. Little chance of rain over the weekend so I dragged out the hose and gave all my vegs and newly planted flowers a good soak. I'm hoping that tempts fate and brings the rain! LOL

    Hope you have a nice holiday weekend... Stay cool!

  2. I'm fighting those Japanese beetles as well, Glenda! My Phlox are blooming as well and simply make one smile...:)JP

  3. I have one Phlox blooming that I planted last year. Yours are beautiful! Have a good weekend and stay cool. ~Cheryl

  4. Mmmm, I love Phlox. So pretty.