Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, 7/11/11

We had a fun afternoon yesterday beginning at 1:45 PM. Our grandson plays for the St. Louis Diamond Devils baseball team (up to 12 yrs.) This week they are playing at the Cooperstown Dream Park in Cooperstown, NY. Some of the games are broadcast livestreaming and we were able(somewhat) to the watch the game and see our own No. 1 playing ball. Of course with my Total Wireless connection, we got so much buffering with the livestream that it had lots of starts and stops and we missed some action. My sis saw it perfectly with her service in Ia. I live within 20 miles of a major southwest Missouri city and some of us can't get high speed internet service....

I believe our president promised us that , did he not? He is playing another live broadcast game tonight and we will be sitting right here!

It was a hot morning. 79°when I went outside at 7 AM. I sprayed a few things. I think malathion gives almost instant kill but no long range lasting effect like Sevin.
I haven't been happy with the hose-end Sevin then it occurred to me this morning that the tube may be clogged. Liquid Sevin is a very thick product and settles easily. I intend to dismantle it today clean everything and try it again. When dry, it should leave a milky residue on the plants.

The two traps were overrun again with beetles. I emptied them and rehung them. The beetles were swarming around the traps by the time I had them hooked up. Yesterday afternoon we saw them in a cloud swarming outside the dining room window.

I made myself get out the tiller and till the area where we dug potatoes and onions. I am happy to report it is now clean once again. I will plant a few turnips there later. It was 95° when I came in at 9AM!

More trouble in the garden! The raccoons have found the sweet corn! Three stalks were down and they knocked over a pepper plant and broke the leaves off a winter squash vine that was just up good.
I plan to leave the gate open tonight and hope the dog will run them off............but I am not counting on it. I still want my Mountain Cur dog!

I picked enough cucumbers for a couple more quarts of dills and harvested 4 small heads of cabbage. I have never successfully made sauerkraut...........I may try once again. I am going to follow Ilene's method which she wrote about on her Blog, The Rock Whisperer. I think these were secondary heads to the Early Jersey Wakefields. I have three huge Flat Dutch left in the garden.

I spied some a tiny yellow crookneck squashes at long last. I love those far and above over zucchinis. I also have a couple of bell peppers I can use. I love them stir fried with the peppers and onion slices in a little olive oil. It would be lovely to toss in some cherry tomatoes...............if I had some cherry tomatoes. I may have some before frost...I hope!

Besides the JB's I am seeing a new color of stink bug and my first cucumber beetle in the garden. I am going to hit everything with Sevin if I don't change my mind.

We are getting very hungry for dessert.......I have to decide what to fix. I am laying out pie crust as soon as I get up from the desk.

I made a cherry pie and a mincemeat. I will freeze most of the mincemeat.....it is not a favorite of my helpmeet.



We watched another ballgame tonight. Our GS got a home run but they lost the game.


  1. Boy, I'd hate to have all those JB's around. What a pain, and all the other critters making havoc in your gardens. Sheesh!

    Your weather sounds miserable. I started a load of wash earlier so I can get it out before it is too awaful out. I need to handwater some things today as we've not had rain in about 4 days now.

    Your pies look delicious! I made brownies (from a box shame on me, one of those buy one get one free with walnuts and caramel). It sure smelled yummy in here.

    How neat to enjoy your gs's game, even intermittently.

    I hope you have a great day today. I'm thinking of going to the library for some more books. It doesn't open until 10.


  2. Glenda, you are right! I am very sentimental as well as being a romantic at heart...BUT that cherry pie definitely has my name on it!...:)JP

  3. You are one savy set of grandparents streaming live feed on your computer! I always say I "study" new technology, want to be up on things that will improve my life! Oh the bug woes continue this summer. Sounds like they are trying to take over at your place. I set out a bowl of vinegar with a few drops of Dawn, per instructions from an old Jerry Baker book on homemade bug cures for whiteflies. Maybe it will work for the stinking gnats too! Glenda you are making me hungry for pie and it's not even 8AM! I would pick the cherry but the mincemeat looks yummy too!

  4. You have my mouth watering with the mincemeat pie. That and sweet potato pie are my two favorites and my hubby doesn't like either one.

  5. What traps are you using for the beetles? Homemade?

    I'm with your hubby on pie choices. Yum!

    I made sauerkraut this year, I think it was from Ilene's method. It was nasty -- but only because I don't like sauerkraut. LOL I gave it to my father-in-law and he looooved it!

  6. After getting a tip on someone else's blog, I'm going to try to post this comment. Wish me luck!! Ilene

  7. Wheeeeeeee! It WORKED!!!

    I hope you have good success with the sauerkraut. My two jars are beginning to bubble. They'll probably be 'way too salty since I had to add so much salt water, I guess I should've had my thinking cap on and diluted it. Oh, well, I can rinse the sauerkraut before I use it, I guess.

    I hate that you are so overrun by JB's. And now critters as well? Ish.

  8. A coon had been getting into the calf feed and would get on the shelf that holds supplies and knock everything off. DH got a trap from my BIL, baited it with dog food and so far we have trapped two. A friend has coon dogs and comes get them to train his dogs-don't ask me how!!

    Good looking cherry pie-haven't eaten mincemeat in a very long time-I think I liked it. I made a cherry chocolate cake this morning, hated to heat up the kitchen, but needed something to take to game day at a friends. Will take a few pieces and DH gets the rest!

    Watered the tomatoes and some flowers in tubs this morning about 7:30-hot, hot.

  9. Cherry pie! With whipped cream or ice cream...yummy. We've about finished the box brownies I made the other day. I have a watermelon cut up and chilling and that is what I should eat.

    I've been seeing an odd colored bug lately.
    We've used some Sevin, so hope the bugs don't destroy what few little veggies we have!

    Great job on your GS's homerun! That is always exciting, win or lose.

    Enjoy the rest of the day and stay cool! It's a hot one here, too.

  10. I'm a recent convert to yellow crookneck. I was never truly fond of zukes. By accident I planted what I thought was zuke, but there must have been a switch at the nursery and I grew crookneck. I found them far superior to zukes for saute, grilling, roasting, etc. Much more flavor and a firmer texture. Today I saw my first female blossoms on the 2 plants. Hopefully some gentlemen blossoms will turn up too. :-D

    As always your pies leave my mouth watering!

  11. Well now you've gone and done it! It's all your fault! My husband caught a glimpse of your PIE PICS and now guess what I'll be making tomorrow?(I know they won't be nearly as pretty as yours!)
    Y U M A L I C I O U S ! K

  12. Wow, that's quite a trip up to Cooperstown! Congrats to your GS for the homerun, but sorry they lost the game. I hope they had fun, at least!
    Wow, you sure have a lot going on in your garden. I think raccoons are cute (if dangerous) but I sure wouldn't like it if they got into my corn--not that I grow any, LOL!
    The pies look beautiful. I'm not a pie-baker. My husband only likes crustless pumpkin pie, so I never really bothered. My mom, on the other hand, makes really good pies!
    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!