Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catch up Post - I have been very busy.

Journal for Friday July 8, 2011

This is what greeted us in the early morning hours:

The morning was overcast and it took forever for the fog to burn off.

That made it perfect for emptying the beetle traps. They are inactive in shade or cool weather. It was just 69°. I gave so many to the chickens they walked off and left the rest on the ground. I made the mistake of not drowning them first...had to take remedial action quickly or they would have flown off again.

Yesterday was mowing day. DH did the orchard and I did the yard and garden area.
We noticed beetles on the fruit trees so I loaded up again and sprayed everything. The little shower must have washed it off. I am just leaving the sprayer and battery in the cart for the next time.

We harvested the potatoes and onions. It was a very nice crop of Super Stars and Candy onions. They are very sweet. The potato yields wasn't good at all.

My favorite daylily is blooming, Lady Neva,

and the hibiscus moscheutos (swamp mallow) are starting. The beetles love them!
These are easy from seed and they self-sow for me.

I said I wouldn't show the ditch....I lied. Here is is:

I have to stand in the road to trim it. Next time I won't let it get so tall. The dry grass wrapped around the head of the trimmer and I spent a lot of time just unwinding that stuff; almost as much time as I did trimming.


  1. I love the foggy picture and your 69 degree temp. Glad you were able to get rid of some of the bugs too. I love your lily and hibiscus. Speaking of hibiscus, I dreamed last night about taking cuttings from several different ones with lovely colors.

    I hope you have a great day today ~ FlowerLady

  2. The picture of the fog is really pretty. I've never heard of Candy onions but am going to research them. I love onions, especially the sweet variety.

    Your hibiscus is beautiful.